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Like easy to use tube mods? Then the Freemax Twister VW kit review will cover the new VW mod and a Freemax Fireluke 2 review. The original Fireluke was a huge hit and was the reason that mesh coils became so popular. The freemax vape VW vape mod is an easy to use tube style mod with a built in 2300 mAh battery. The Twister VW will fire up to 80 watts. It is essentially a tube style device with the same capabilities of a single 18650 box mod.

The new Fireluke 2 mesh tank has three coil options. Something new here is the 360 degree e-liquid feeding. With the Freemax Twister kit, the Fireluke 2 will be color matched to the mod. In fact, there are some very groovy designs and colors to choose from.

Before we get into the Freemax Twister review, let's take a second to talk about tube mods. The beauty of a tube mod is that it is more portable than a box mod and it has a built in battery. Whereas with a box mod a display screen with up and down buttons are used to adjust wattage. With the Twister a manual dial on the bottom of the mod is how the wattage is adjusted. vladdin There is no temp control option for the Twister. Instead, it is made for regular, everyday vaping.
What is the difference between the Fireluke 2 coils and other mesh coils? The difference is in the new coil design. The new generation mesh coil material is specially designed for the Fireluke II. The mesh is laser precision cut from a Kanthal mesh plate. The precision dimensions enhance even heat distribution. That means better vapor, flavor, and efficiency.

Fireluke 2 coils also have a new coil saturation system. The 90% flax and 10% cotton wick is saturated in a 360 degree pattern for fast, even saturation.u2022eney7485yyWEEEEDD


FreeMax is a professional manufacturer

FreeMax is a professional manufacturer
freemax vape is a professional manufacturer and exporter of electronic cigarettes and vapor hardware to all around the world. It is located in ShaJing town, Baoan district Shenzhen City, China. Since the foundation in 2013, FreeMax has achieved an excellent reputation for its high quality, powerful innovation ability and outstanding customer service. FreeMax has released a series of patented products which have made a profound influence on the whole industry.

Our global focus is to research, voopoo vape develop, and manufacture healthier alternatives to cigarette smoking devices. We strive to be a leader in the vapor community by incorporating the latest technologies and manufacturing innovations to promote awareness to our global vape community.

Many milestone products were launched by Freemax and pls kindly allow us to introduce below:

1. At the end of 2014, the introduction of the Freemax Starre tank brought the vaping industry into the SUB OHM Times;

2. Early 2015, Freemax Starre Pure is the first sub ohm tank with Top Airflow;

3. At the end of 2016, Freemax Fireluke is the first sub ohm tank with resin setup;

4. At the end of 2017, Freemax Fireluke Mesh is the world`s first sub ohm tank with mesh coils;

5. And Now, Freemax Mesh Pro is the world`s first sub ohm tank with Double & Triple & Quad Mesh Coils

Our mission is to provide best electronic cigarettes with moderate prices and professional services. It is always remembered that customer satisfaction is our long-term pursuit and final goal. We will continue to focus on innovation, quality and services to satisfy various requirements of domestic and oversea customers.u2022eney7485yyWEEEEDD


Vape Hardware Review: The Vaporesso Drizzle Fit Starter Kit

vaporesso vape usually puts out top-notch vaping devices. It’s a popular brand and when we hear their name, expectations are rather high. That’s why the initial release of the first generation Drizzle kit was sort of a letdown for many vapers. Released in 2017, the original Drizzle kit received less than positive reviews. However, it looks like Vaporesso wanted to give the Drizzle another go by releasing an upgraded version, the Vaporesso Drizzle Fit Starter Kit. I had my qualms about this one, but for what it is, the Drizzle Fit is a good option for beginning vapers who’ve quit cigarettes.

The Drizzle Fit does have a lot going for it in terms of the size. If you’re looking for compact and lightweight, this kit really delivers. The weight of the Drizzle Fit is ridiculously light at about 65 grams, which comes to under 2.5 ounces. Vape Wholesale Easy to carry? You bet!

The mod and tank combo is well crafted, even with the compact size. It’s available in eight color combinations: Black, Red, Gold, Silver, Rainbow, Blue and Red, and two Black splatter options of Black and Green or Black and Red. The Drizzle Fit sub-ohm tank looks pretty standard, but the design suits the mod well.
Ease of use was clearly on the minds of the Vaporesso manufacturers here when they designed the Drizzle Fit kit. The device uses a 1400mAh internal battery, which you charge through the USB port. It charges up fairly quick with 1A quick charging (expect about 1.2 hours to charge it fully). There is a single firing button and no need for a display screen. Simply click the firing button five times to turn the mod on and you’re good to go.

Vaporesso also totes this kit to be perfect for both MTL and DTL vaping, depending on your preference.While I would like to go on and on about how great the two coil options for the Drizzle Fit are, I have to say that they aren’t up to many industry standards are far as flavor performance. I gave these coils a good amount of testing. They are great with high viscosity juices, which means nicotine salts and high VG juices perform well with these coils. At the low power output of the Drizzle Fit mod, you can’t expect a ton of cloud production. The throat hit from these coils, especially with higher nicotine juices, is spot on. However, the flavor is rather muted. I tried a few different juices and was not able to come away impressed with the flavor from the EUC coils. The coil lifespan is about two weeks, which is becoming more standard as vaping technology gets better.u2022eney7485yyWEEEEDD


Giant Dual by Vaporesso, a triple coil clearomizer

With a diameter of 25.5 mm, the vaporesso vape Dual Giant’s body is made of stainless steel. The Pyrex tank is of a capacity of 4.5 ml. Designed for big clouds, the Dual Giant is equipped with a top-filling system and possesses an anti-leakage system and two huge airflow holes at the bottom. Consistent with its design, the drip-tip is in Delrin and very wide.

It uses the CCELL TripleCoil. It is pre-equipped with a 0.15 Ω heating system made of three CCELL-3C SS coils of 0.5 Ω each. According to the manufacturer, the Dual Giant and be powered until 140 W without any flavor artefact.

Vaporesso Aurora Play also includes a reconstructible RBA deck to convert the Dual Giant in RTA.The Dual Giant will be available as early as July 20, 2016 in two colors: Black and Silver.The width of the tank openings is not huge but enough. Changing the resistance coils is achieved by simply pulling them out, you can also use the drip-tip block when screwed on the coil head to ease.The airflow is located on the top cap to avoid leakage. It is a nicely versatile system that allows a wide range of draughts from quasi nul when set to the small ring marker to wide open.

Special note for the drip-tip dedicated to MTL vaping, whose shape reminds of the Nautilus Mini, a pleasure. It can be used as well with the 0.5 Ω coil and the airflow holes wide open. It offers a great rendering of flavors.

Unfortunately, the resistance coils Ccell of the Target Tank are not compatible with the Guardian Tank. Et only the SS316L in 0.5 Ω can be used in CT. The Ccell GD in 1.4 Ω uses a Kanthal A1 wire that is not specified anywhere.u2022eney7485yyWEEEEDD


kit Veco One – Vaporesso

The kit Veco One is a tubular Electronic Cigarette with a length of only 10.8 cm for 22 mm in diameter. It is composed of a 1 500 mAh battery and of a clearomizer Veco Tank with 2 ml capacity. Vaporesso includes in this pack two EUC series resistances in 0.3 Ω, one in ceramic, the other in Clapton.
The battery is very simple. The square Fire switch jiggles when shaking the battery, unfortunately. At the opposite side, one finds the USB plug to charge the battery. It is also equipped with a 510 connection on the top to screw a clearomizer. The finish is in brushed stainless steel. Veco One’s usability is rather good and its compact size makes it a good choice of device to be taken everywhere.vaporesso vape

With 1 500 mAh, the Veco One’s battery autonomy is not an asset. It is difficult to vape all day long with 0.3 Ω resistances, especially when there is not Passthrough mode that would allow charging the battery when vaping. This is surprising and regrettable since most of the devices on the xafs possess this function. You must then unplug the USB each time you puff on the Veco One. Not that easy.

Another issue is the LED that surrounds the power switch and indicates the battery charge. It starts blinking at when the remaining charge comes lower than 10 % and continues to blink until the battery is flat. It is too bad since the brand doesn’t offer a Passthrough mode.The clearomizer has a dual cyclopean airflow on top of the tank, it is adjustable by rotating the ring. It is sold for its abence of leakage and I confirm that is is pleasant not to be obliged to use paper towel all the time. The draught rapidly turns to aerial but, wide open, a slight airflow restriction exists.

The drip-tip is in Delrin. It is wide (10 mm) but a bit short with the lips touching top cap. Fortunately, the connectivity in 510 allows switching to a more usable mouth piece.To fill up the tank, you only have to grab the notched top cap on the tank. Then you can use a pipette to insert the e-liquid between the Pyrex and the chimney. It is wide enough. If the resistance is new, allow it to soak for 3 minutes before using the e-cigarette.

The resistance is easily plugged after the tank is removed, this operation requires to grab the notched base of the tank. If a resistance is in place, take it off and replace it with a new one. Just plug it in the central metallic holder, no need to screw it. If there is still some liquid inside, do the operation upside down.With Veco Vaporesso’s ceramic EUC series resistance in 0.3 Ω, the vapor produced by the Veco is of excellent quality. The flavors are well rendered. Even with the airflow holes wide open, the flavors are just a little bit more diluted. In my expert opinion, the best setting is when the airflow holes are half open, which provides a warm vapor, dense and tasty.

With Veco Vaporesso’s Traditional Clapton EUC series resistance in 0.3 Ω, the feeling is very close, a little bit more agressive with a more pronounced hit. Let’s recall that the EUC series resistance are relatively cheap, about € 18 for a pack of 10.

At use, it is relatively quiet provided that the airflow is not more open than one third. Beyond, it whistles. The Drip-tip doesn’t heat, even when chaining puffs, thanks to the Delrin that does the job. Vaporesso’s Veco One is then designed for aerial vaping without however being ready for cloud chasing.u2022eney7485yyWEEEEDD


Rincoe Manto 228W Kit | Starring the Manto Mod

Rincoe is a new name in the industry but it’s quickly gaining traction. One of their first products is the surprisingly good Manto kit which features a mod called the Manto 228W TC, and a sub-ohm mesh tank called the Metis. The Manto is a simple-to-use dual-18650 mod with a full TC suite and an almost instant fire at 0.002 seconds. The Metis is a stout 25 mm sub ohm mesh tank with a 6 mL bubble glass. It is compatible with two of Rincoe’s own coils (a mesh and a hive coil, both rated at 0.15 ohms) as well as the Baby Beast coils.
No mod is perfect. But even with its flaws, I think the Manto is an incredible mod! The hand-feel, performance, screen, and ease of use all get high marks. Also, the spring-loaded 510 is of high quality and the battery door has strong magnets (although mine has too much lateral play.)

The Manto is about 22 grams heavier than the Vaporesso Polar but it’s a few millimeters shorter. It’s also got a similar body shape, though the Manto is much more ergonomic.

The screen on the Manto is nice! It’s not “3D”, like I’ve read it’s supposed to be, but the black background and graphics are really easy on the eyes. It’s a 2-inch deep-set adjustable color screen that’s overlaid with a thick and scratch-resistant glossy plastic (making it a fingerprint magnet).
It’s been a pleasure to use this mod. It fires super-quick with maybe just a tiny delay compared to something like the Vaporesso Polar. The TC worked well for me too without any convoluted protocol or fiddling.

It’s adjusted in temp with watts pre-set to 60 (where I left it). I tested the TC with the Freemax Mesh Pro SS coil head, and my own 28 gauge 0.8-ohm single-coil build on the Fumytech Rose. Both coils shocked me for how easily and quickly they worked in TC with no error messages. TC has never been this easy for me. Initially I thought that the dry hit protection didn’t work, but it does. My RTA SS coil stopped making Vape Wholesale once the cotton got back to bone dry.

For watts mode in the normal setting, the Manto seems to push power a bit above what it’s set to. It hits fast and hard! I like it though. It’s just something to consider if you’re used to vaping one coil at one setting; you might want to start a little lower with this mod.As good as the Manto is for performance, the Metis isn’t on the same level. It’s a good-looking sub ohm tank with Rincoe’s with mesh and hive coils.

The paint job is stellar and it holds 6 mL of juice despite only standing 46 mm off the mod with the removable 810 tip included. The refill method is a simple screw-top to access the fill ports, which are really wide and unobstructed when filling. You can just pour juice in the tank.

But the disassembly can get wonky. The Manto it one of those tanks that when you go to unscrew one part, sometimes you end up unscrewing another part. That can make a mess or just an unnecessary hassle.

One cool thing about the Metis is that it’s compatible with SMOK Baby Beast coils in addition to the two Rinoce-made coils: a 0.15-ohm hive coil head and a mesh coil head of the same resistance. The hive coil head, which is a mesh-like coil but with wider perforations, is a separate purchase.u2022eney7485yyWEEEEDD


Rincoe Mechman Kit Review — 228W Mod with Interchangeable Panels

Rincoe Mechman Kit Review — 228W Mod with Interchangeable Panels

Rincoe are no strangers to vaping. Thanks to the unique styling of their Manto S and Manto Mini mods, they have been quite popular among vapers. Who doesn’t like a cool looking mod? The newest addition to their lineup is the Mechman 228W kit and it’s just as enticing and customizable as the rest.

The outside of the Mechman comes in three different stylings and there are three different choices of panel designs. But you can also remove the panels and replace the sticker with a custom-printed panel of your choice for added personal flare.

So it looks cool — but how does it perform?vaporesso vape In this review I’m going to go over everything you need to know about the Rincoe Mechman kit and you can decide for yourself if it’s worth picking up.
The Mechman gets it name from it’s all-metal, mechanical looking design. As a whole, it’s a pretty good looking kit. It’s not too heavy though, even with the batteries installed. You can get the mod in either black or silver with three different chassis styles: Steel Case, Steel Wings or Steel Bones. You can also get each style in four different panel designs: camouflage, American flag, Union flag or a mean looking wolf.

The mod is powered by dual 18650 batteries and fires at up to 228W in power mode. It has power mode, bypass mode, temperature control mode and TCR. As far as a menu goes, it doesn’t have one but this keeps the mod simple and easy to use.

The kit comes with the Mechman sub-ohm tank. It’s a 28mm tank made of stainless steel that uses a wide 810 resin drip tip. It comes with a 4.5ml capacity bubble glass and includes two different mesh coils. You get a 0.20ohm and a 0.25ohm coil with the kit.

My first impressions of the Mechman kit are pretty good. It looks good and feels good to hold. The 228W output is higher than most mods I’ve got a chance to review. Plus, it comes with some decent-looking mesh coils. We’ll see how it holds up.
Size: 53.8mm x 29.2mm x 90mm
Power Range: 1-228W
Temperature Control Mode: Ni200/Ti/SS
Power Mode, Bypass Mode, TCR
Uses Two 18650 Batteries
Interchangeable Stickers & Panels

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