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Best Vape Starter Kits Available Now

Almost always, purchasing a vape starter kit for a new hobby is the best route. When you choose to purchase items individually, it often leads to a higher overall cost. So, before jumping in and buying single pieces, consider a starter justfog vape. Think about what you want out of your vaping experience. Are you interested in vaping without the hassle? Or, are you excited to tinker with your battery and settings?

Regardless of how you want to vape, there’s something out there for you. Don’t waste your time at your local vape shop. They’re often overpriced and low-quality. Instead, check out this awesome guide to the best vape starter kits available. You’re sure to find what you’re looking for. And if you’re unsure, it will point you in the right direction.
For years, an 808 thread was considered king of the vaping world. Thanks to its phenomenal air flow, it always felt far-superior to a 510 thread. As vaping trends have changed and vapers’ tastes have widened, the 510 thread is absolutely the way most people are headed. So, the Vapor Zeus was created to bridge the gap between 510 threads and the awesome airflow of an 808 thread.

This kit is decked out with everything you need to start vaping with a 510 thread. It’s a dual mode, ultimately allowing you to tune your cheap vape deals experience to you. Auto, manual–the choice is yours. The 510 cartomizer (known as a smileomizer in this kit). It works best at 2.5 ohms giving you 10 watts of vaping power. But, it can with with anything from 1.5-3 ohms. Welcome to your new favorite set up.
Switching from cigarettes to vaping is certainly an experience. Your good ol’ cigs were super easy–just light them and you’re ready to go. Vaping–especially the battery–can be downright intimidating. So, a vaping kit without all the hassle of different settings is definitely the best route to take.

The Auto Vapor Zeus kit is a slam dunk, in terms of hassle-free vaping. Yeah, it’s so good it requires a cliche 90s term. This kit comes with two smileomizers, wall adapter, and optional e-juice. Of course, the battery itself comes in three sizes: small (650 mah), medium (900 mah), and extra-large (1300 mah). Plus, you can choose between six colors. Don’t be intimidated; simply inhale and you’re vaping.u2022eney7485yyWEEEEDD


Which vape mod is best for you?

If you're looking for something bigger and more powerful than your typical pod cheap vape deals or starter kit, then you're in the right place. Our page covers all popular categories: from single-battery mods that can fit in the palm of your hand to triple-battery powerhouses, and from highly adjustable DNA-powered devices to mechanical mods for the advanced hobbyist. You are guaranteed to find what you are looking for, regardless of your vaping style.

Box mod vape starter kits are made up of a tank, a mod that is probably box shaped (hence the name), and a battery or two (sold separately). These kits come you with the right tank for the mod, so you won’t have to worry about their compatibility. Box mod vape starter kits are more customizable than vape tube kits and all-in-one vapes. However, the seperate tank, mod, and battery mean that there is more maintenance involved. This means disassembly and a minor cleaning every once in a while to keep it running in tip-top shape.

The advantage to box mod starter kits are their power and customization. This includes the ability to adjust the wattage going to your coil, giving you a heavier hit, as well as the ability to adjust the airflow on the tank to get a tighter or more airy draw. Some box mods take two batteries, which allows for higher wattages, longer battery life, heavier vapor and larger clouds. Here are a few of the best box mod starter kits in 2019:u2022eney7485yyWEEEEDD



Cheap Vape Wholesale juice free shipping. Have you ever heard of a better combination? I didn't think so. At Freeman, we have just that exact combo available for you.

Well we do offer our Vape juice at discount prices, are juices anything but cheaply made. I know what you're going to say, you're going to say that everybody makes the claim of premium vape juice at cheap prices. The differences is that we actually deliver. Our vape juice really is premium quality.

Here's the Scoop, it is very common in this business to claim that you make premium usa-made vape juice for cheap. And here's the actual fact, many so-called premium USA made e- juices actually use imported ingredients. That way they can use super cheap stuff but as long as they put it in a bottle in United States, then they claim it's American-made. That doesn't pass the smell test.
Freeman uses American ingredients in our juice. That is one reason why we say out vape liquids are top quality. Here's another one. Many vape juice companies that claim premium quality say that use an ISO 8 clean room. Well, you can't put in an ISO8 filter in the room and call it an ISO8 lab! That is not how a clean room works. For example, a true ISO8 cleanroom must account for each and every facet of air circulation. The entry and exit points must be contained. The list goes on.

The real truth of the matter is that it takes a PhD to understand how to properly set up an ISO8 lab. Well it just so happens that at Freeman the passionate vapers who craft our recipes with the best cheap vape deals juice ingredients, also happen to be chemistry phds. So that's why when we say our vape juice really is premium quality, it's because it is. And we back it up every step of the way.
Every aspect of production is taken into account. Every one of our e-juice flavor recipes is developed over time. Also with multiple focus focus groups to ensure we perfect each recipe. Vapers do not have to compromise one little bit, not one iota, on quality to get the best deal in vaping.u2022eney7485yyWEEEEDD


Electronic Cigarette Wholesale: The ESSENTIAL Need to Know for New Retailers

Good on you – in addition to hopefully making a profit you’ll also be helping people to save money and improve their health.

But it’s a complex area, and the tips below could potentially save you a lot of time, money – and legal costs!

In this post we provide a guide for new sellers. For downloadable guides and wholesale prices, please visit our UK e-cig wholesale page.In the UK and the US you CAN NOT make claims that the Electronic Cigarette can help people stop smoking. Instead, you can say that smokers can switch from one form of smoking to another. And of course, they’ll be switching to a form which has no tobacco and which scientists estimate could be in the region of 99% safer than tobacco cigarettes.

In the UK you CAN say that e-cigarettes are safer than tobacco cigarettes (in fact, the UK government NUDGE unit has done just that) but in the US you are not currently allowed to make health claims. If you are in another country, you’ll need to check with your equivalent of Trading Standards about which claims you can make.There are numerous regulations surrounding the electronic cigarette – you can check a list of them here. Compliance is essential – Trading Standards can and have stripped non-compliant products off the shelves.Vape Starter Kit

If you are a small reseller, one option is to buy from an Electronic Cigarette Trade Association (see our interview with ECITA here) member. All members get their devices tested (often in the UK) and undergo twice yearly comprehensive audits to ensure they comply with all UK and EU regulations, and you’ll also be supporting the campaign to keep the e-cigarette legal. That’s not to say that you should automatically exclude a good company if it is not a member, but an ECITA logo is a good sign of compliance!
The problem with buying directly from China, without independent checking of the product and the contents, is that many e-cigarettes don’t comply with the regulations we have mentioned above. “Fake” compliance certificates are readily available, therefore you may also find that a product passes the Chinese ROHS approval but fails UK ROHS/NOHM approval , and also fails to comply with the many other regulations in place in the UK and Europe.. Reputable suppliers will be able to supply UK standard certification.


How a retailer chooses Chose Best E-cigarette Wholesale from China?

How a retailer chooses Chose Best E-cigarette Wholesale from China?

If you’re a serious vape retailer looking to establish a strong partnership with a reputable Best Electronic Cigarette Wholesale China supplier I highly recommend you follow our wholesale vape buyer’s guide articles:

Wellon as one of the leading electronic cigarette trading companies based in China, focuses on electronic cigarette wholesale. Wellon leading China healthy electronic cigarette industry.
We provide quality and affordable atomizers, e-cig batteries, e-liquids and e-cig accessories to worldwide customers.
Wholesale on Wellon is straight-forward and cost-effective. When you buy in bulk, you are expected to enjoy:
1) Extremely board range of products to select.
2) Highly competitive price to boost your business.
3) Flexible payment methods.
4) Professional and dedicated before-and-after-sales service.


Lab tests reveal popular e-cigarette liquids contain harmful chemicals

This report was originally published on Oct. 20, 2015. On Thursday FDA officials were expected to announce new regulations aimed at curtailing teen use of Electronic Cigarette.

Dripper's Paradise, on Milwaukee's southwest side, carries dozens of brands of smoke juice, including a locally made favorite called Foghorn.

One of Foghorn's top-selling recipes is Randy, a flavor described as a "blend of creamy custard, mixed berries and savory cereal notes."

People who vape praise the Foghorn juice not only for its flavor but for its ability to create giant cloud puffs from deep drags — a growing fascination known as "cloud chasing" among vaping enthusiasts.But the very molecules that make Randy delicious also could make it dangerous. The juice — named after a character in the Canadian TV series "Trailer Park Boys" — contains high levels of two chemicals known to cause permanent and sometimes fatal lung disease: diacetyl and its chemical cousin, 2,3-pentanedione.

There's no way vapers would know; founders of the year-old Foghorn company said they didn't realize it. The only way to determine whether the juice, or e-liquid, includes toxic chemicals would be to test it — which the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel did.There are no requirements that manufacturers test their e-liquids, nor are there any standards to meet. What testing is done is driven largely by the desire of e-liquid makers to xafs the safety of their products.

But the Journal Sentinel's testing led to yet another discovery: The method typically used to analyze e-liquids for the industry is not sensitive enough to detect levels that could be harmful. As a result, Ecig Wholesale makers across the country claim their formulas are diacetyl free when sometimes they are not.

"We're at a point where these are not regulated by anyone," said Michael Felberbaum, a spokesman for the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. "It's a 'Buyer Beware' xafs."


The Perks of Real Money Online Gambling

If you're looking for a new fun and thrilling pastime, look no further than online gambling for real money. Online casinos are safe, secure, and allow players to gamble for free as well as for real casino

Bonuses & Promotions - Online casinos are well known for their stunning promotional offers, including welcome bonuses just for creating a new account and game specific promotions.
Free Play Options - Many real money casinos allow you free playing time, where you can win real cash prizes without investing your own money.
Mobile Play - When playing for real money with any of our top online casinos in 2019, you get the freedom and flexibility to play from your mobile or tablet device. Never get bored waiting in line again!
Any Budget - You may not know that online casinos offer flexibility in terms of budget options, allowing you to deposit only what you want to spend in a given period of online gambling. Plus, limits are typically lower than in large, land-based casinos.
The old saying that it takes money to make money isn't always true when it comes to gambling online. Many real money casinos offer complimentary slot machine spins and freeroll poker tournaments while still offering real cash prizes. On top of that, hefty welcome bonuses allow you to test the waters before investing your own real cash. These are two great ways of getting familiar with a casino online, so we highly recommend taking advantage.

A real money online casino should be safe, secure, and full of opportunities to cash in and have fun. Unfortunately, a few bad apple sites can spoil this for online gamblers, as they simply don't treat their players in the way they should. When we find a site that falls below our standards, we place it onto our blacklist.

We urge you to avoid all sites on the blacklist at all costs, as they often have poor customer service or can't be otherwise trusted for a positive experience.


The Ripple Effect of the Online Gambling Industry

Every day, millions of people around the world decide that instead of running to the mall for a new shirt or to the grocery store for another bag of coffee, they can stay at home (or at the office) and purchase those items without ever getting into the car, bus or train. Commerce, in almost every shape and form, is continually being taken over by the internet, as we are collectively becoming a species dependent upon our connection to the web. online casino review

Today, you can do and buy pretty much anything online. If you don´t like standing in lines, TaskRabbit is a website where you can “hire” someone to stand in line for you at the bank and let you know when you´re the next up.

While proponents and supporters of the inevitable march of progress and technology will tell us that we must adapt in order to survive, the reality is that millions of people around the world are being left behind because of their inability to stay on top of the continually shifting technologies that define ever-larger parts of our economic livelihoods.

In the case of the gambling industry, more and more people (especially Millennials) are avoiding those epic trips to Las Vegas or Atlantic City in favor of regular online gambling. The global online gambling xafs topped 40 billion dollars in 2016, and over 40% of those online gamblers were young people between the ages of 21 and 34.

While many upstart online entrepreneurs might find this shift to online gambling as an enticing economic opportunity, there are always numerous effects that come with moving a substantial part of our economy into the realm of the internet. As the poet Wendell Berry reminds us, in our steadfast march towards the future, we rarely take the time to sincerely weigh the effects of progress against what has worked in the past.


Online Casinos Currencies

Most people have a currency they prefer to use for deposits and for withdrawing funds from online casinos.

These are, naturally, the currencies they use on a day to day basis. British folk, for instance, would prefer the casino support and accept their British Pounds. Likewise players from across Europe would prefer the euro, players from India would like to use Rupees, and still the default around the world is the US Dollar (the main currency used in the online casino gambling industry).
Most people have a currency they prefer to use for deposits and for withdrawing funds from online casinos. These are, naturally, the currencies they use on a day to day basis. British folk, for instance, would prefer the casino support and accept their British Pounds. Likewise players from across Europe would prefer the euro, players from India would like to use Rupees, and still the default around the world is the US Dollar (the main currency used in the online casino gambling industry).online casino dollar

When first signing in to an online casino, players can choose the desired currency that they want to use. From that moment on, your financials (deposits and withdrawals, and bonus calculations of all sorts) will be made in the currency you have chosen.

Therefore, currencies supported are important when choosing which online casino to sign up with and join. For this reason, we provide these lists of online casinos that accept each of the major and most popular currencies, and many others too. Australia Dollars, the South African Rand, Danish Krone and many others - pick a casino that caters to you!


Ratio of various valve service conditions

1. Urban gas valves: urban gas accounts for 22% of the total natural gas xafs. The number of valves is large and there are many types.
knife gate valves, plug valves, pressure relief valves and relief valves are required.
2. Urban heating valves: in the urban heating system, the need for a large number of metal sealing butterfly valve, horizontal balance valve and directly buried ball valve. As a result of these valves, both vertical and horizontal hydraulic imbalances in the pipeline can be resolved, resulting in energy savings and thermal balance.
3. Urban construction valves: low-pressure valves are commonly used in urban construction systems and are being developed in an environmentally friendly and energy-efficient manner. Environment-friendly rubber plate valve, balance valve, center line butterfly valve and metal seal butterfly valve are gradually replacing low-pressure iron gate valve.
4. Environmental protection valve: in the domestic environmental protection system, the water supply system mainly needs the center line butterfly valve, the soft seal gate valve, the ball valve and the exhaust valve (used to remove the air in the pipeline). The sewage treatment system mainly needs the soft seal gate valve and the butterfly valve.
5. Long haul pipeline valve: long haul pipeline is mainly crude oil, finished products and natural pipeline.
Valves requiring a large number of such lines are forged steel three-piece full bore ball valves, sulfur resistant plate gate valves, safety valves and check valves.
6. Valves in petrochemical plants:
Most valves used in chemical plant equipment are pipeline valves, including gate valves, globe valves, check valves, safety valves, ball valves, butterfly valves and steam traps, of which gate valves account for about 80%. Number of valves. Among them, the globe valve accounts for 53.4% of the total valve data of the device, the gate valve 25.1%, the trap 7.7%, the safety valve 2.4%, the regulator 11.4% and other low-temperature valves.
In addition, large ethylene and high pressure polyethylene plant needs ultra high temperature, low temperature and ultra high pressure valve series.
7. Valve of power station: the construction of power station is developing towards large-scale development. Therefore, large diameter and high pressure relief valves, relief valves, globe valves, gate valves, butterfly valves, emergency shutoff valves, flow control valves and ball sealing instruments are required.
8. Metallurgical valves: aluminum oxide behavior in the metallurgical industry mainly requires the use of wear-resistant slurry valve (in the flow of the cut-off valve) and steam trap adjustment.
Metal sealed ball valves, butterfly valves and oxidation ball valves, globe valves and four-way reversing valves are mainly used in the steel industry.
9. Offshore platform valves: with the development of offshore oilfield development, the number of valves required for offshore development is also increasing.
Offshore platforms require offshore valves, check valves and multiple valves.
10. Food and drug valves: the industry needs stainless steel ball valves, non - toxic plastic ball valves and butterfly valves.

In the above 10 kinds of large valve products, the demand for universal valve is much higher, such as instrument valve, needle valve, gate valve, stop valve, check valve, ball valve and butterfly valve.


Would You Pass This 'Divorce Test?'

Last week, a civil affairs department in Jiangsu, a province in China introduced a ‘divorce test’ for couples applying to end their marriage, in an effort to help couples reconcile. Essentially, it’s a bunch of somewhat personal questions that, should you score above 60 on, will indicate that your marriage still has hope, versus being totally hopeless. Yeah, pretty bleak.To get more divorce test, you can visit shine news official website.

Apparently, if you can answer all of these questions correctly, you shouldn’t be getting divorced. Because knowing each other’s favourite food is the stuff that REALLY saves marriage, not, you know, solving any tension created by infidelity, growing apart or financial stresses, knowing they LOVE roast chicken is the real key to solving marriage problems.

According to a state-run news outlet, Global Times, ‘the aim is to let both sides understand themselves, and the other side, and recall little moments in their marriage’. It is in response to growing divorce rates in China, with 3.4 million Chinese couples filing for divorce last year, an increase of 8% from the year before, according to the ministry of civil affairs.
In 2016, President Xi Jinping said families are the ‘cells of society’ and China’s supreme court asked courts to establish when couples who are filing for divorce are in a state of ‘marital crisis’ versus ‘marital death’ in order to help stem divorce rates.

Of course, the test has been met with much criticism, with some suggesting a test before marriage would be more appropriate. However, it’s not just the test that seems futile, it’s the entire attitude towards divorce.

Divorce does not automatically mean a family has failed, or is broken, it simply means two people no longer want to be legally tied to each other. Surely, instead of attempting to force people to stay in unhappy relationships, it would be healthier to teach people how to co-parent and continue a healthy family relationship despite not having parents that are romantically attached.

According to The Guardian, the rate of divorce in China is growing because of ‘increasing financial independence of Chinese women and growing intolerance of domestic violence and extramarital affairs.’

From our perspective, those things are only positive advancements, and so we shouldn’t be telling women to stay in marriages that aren’t healthy for them, emotionally or physically. Instead, we should surely be teaching people that they are just as valuable to society regardless of whether they are single, married, partaking in a traditional family or not.

The emphasis on maintaining high rates of marriage only belittles all of the families that would rather not partake in the institution when they are in just as meaningful relationships as otherwise.

Since drawing criticism, the department in Lianyuwang, who introduced the test, have confirmed it is voluntary, and have also introduced a voluntary marriage examination and free marriage counselling.


These Rogue Foreigners Ruled the Streets of 1930s Shanghai

Paul French's great-grandfather was stationed in Shanghai when it was a British Royal Navy town in the years after World War I. The man was a stoker—a sailor who shoveled coal into a ship's furnaces and developed massive forearms as a result. French recalled his relative sporting incredible snakes tattooed up each arm, with the heads of the snakes intertwined down between his shoulder blades. It might be hard to imagine in the era of chart-topping rappers with face ink, a time when seemingly everyone has a tattoo somewhere or other, but to see this kind of body art during French's boyhood was a revelation. To get more shanghai 1930s, you can visit shine news official website.
Thanks to stories passed down by his relatives, French always had a vague awareness that Shanghai was an incredible city before 1949, when the Communist revolution changed everything. A wide open place, it was perhaps the only major metropolis in the world where you didn't need a passport or any kind of papers to slip in and disappear. These days, global party destinations like Ibiza are considered uniquely debauched, welcoming of outcasts and college kids alike, but the stories French heard about 1920s Shanghai stuck with him well into adulthood.

In his new book, City of Devils: The Two Men Who Ruled the Underworld of Old Shanghai, French explores the appeal of the city to outlaws by telling the stories of the life and times of "Lucky" Jack Riley, an American who escaped prison, and "Dapper" Joe Farren, a Jewish nightclub impresario. The two men joined forces to lead a sort of Orientalist mini crime empire in 1930s Shanghai, serving up as much gambling, drugs and sex work as fellow foreigners could handle. We talked to the author to find out why the city was so welcoming of rogue outsiders, whether these guys were more sordid predators than hapless party boys, and how World War II ended their reign, changing Shanghai forever.

VICE: How did Shanghai come to enjoy such a unique reputation in the 1930s?
Paul French: It was part of China, but not part of China—it wasn't like Hong Kong or Singapore or other colonies. It was an international city, run largely by foreigners. The fifth-largest city in the world at the time, after London, New York, Paris, and Berlin. Because of the Communist revolution, we don't appreciate it now, but in the 1930s, Hong Kong was nothing special at all, Singapore was nothing special at all. Even Tokyo really was not that exciting. Shanghai was the most modern city. It had the hotels, art deco architecture, cars, jazz, nightclubs, dance halls, casinos, all of that. It was what they used to call freebooting capitalism. If you could get yourself there and wanted to reinvent yourself, it was the greatest city to go to.

"Lucky" Jack Riley seems to epitomize the strange—and sometimes strangely forgiving—culture of the place, given that he was able to set himself up there. But it's not like he chose that life, right?
He had a pretty tough upbringing around Tulsa. His father ran out pretty early, his mother was a bit of a drinker. He ended up in an orphanage and working in a brothel, but he did manage to get in the United States Navy. The military gave him discipline and a sort of family. They sent him out on what was called the Yangtze Patrol. American Navy ships went up and down the Yangtze river in China watching out for American citizens, missionaries and businesspeople. Jack got to liking Shanghai, but went back to Tulsa after the first World War and got himself in a bit of trouble.

He was involved in a kidnapping of a card game at a speakeasy. It was the time of Dillinger and the start of the FBI crackdown, and he got like 35 years in Oklahoma State Penitentiary. But he was a good baseball player and on the prison baseball team. They went out to play baseball against a civilian team, and he escaped. Got to San Francisco, where he rolled a drunk called Jack Riley and took his name. He burnt his fingerprints off with acid, got to Shanghai, and was Jack Riley with no fingerprints. He thought: I can never be busted for anything now.


Shanghai forum discusses Yangtze River Delta integration

A seminar to discuss how to promote Yangtze River Delta integration was held in Shanghai on Saturday.To get more yangtze river delta, you can visit shine news official website.

“Yangtze River Delta integration: theory and solution” was the theme of the spring-summer seminar of the “Chinese City 100-People Forum” which brought together officials and experts in engineering and social sciences.

They included Shanghai Party Secretary Li Qiang and Xu Kuangdi, honorary chairman of the governing board of the Chinese Academy of Engineering.

Li said that since last year Shanghai had earnestly implemented President Xi Jinping’s requirement for higher-quality integrated development in the region.

Thanks to strong support from the central government and related authorities, Shanghai joined with Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Anhui provinces to draft and carry out a three-year action plan, launching some key projects and scoring some important achievements, he said.

At the opening ceremony of the first China International Import Expo, Xi announced support for the integrated development of the Yangtze River Delta region and said it would be made a national strategy.

“We have to do the best to implement the national strategy of Yangtze River Delta integration,” Li said. “Under the joint efforts of three provinces and one city, the Yangtze River Delta will grow to a demonstration area where new development concepts are carried out, the Asia-Pacific portal where global resources are there for allocation, and a world-class globally-competitive city cluster.”

He added: “We should explore system innovation about regional integration and pioneer high-quality development. We should improve the implementation of deepening overall reform and strive to build a new highland for reform and opening-up, for ecological values, for an innovative economy and for quality residences.”



We decided to take a look at a touch screen mod. We have had a few questions about this very subject. The vaporesso vape Luxe review will go over a new 220 watt mod with a vibrant 2 inch touchscreen. Vape mods with interactive display screens are nothing new and the technology has been around for a while. That is not to say that it can’t get better. In fact, intuitive, interactive technology is getting better all the time.

For the Vaporesso Luxe review we will go over the touch screen, but the most important question is how does it vape? Is it user friendly? And, of course, is it worth the money. Let’s face it, that is what most of us want to know. Laying out $75 or more for a mod is not insignificant for most of us. As a matter of fact, we founded Freeman Vape Juice because we wanted to offer vapers a premium USA made e-liquid for less. You don’t have to spend a fortune to get quality.

Before we get into the nuts and bolts of the Vaporesso Luxe review. First, this is more of a preview at this point. We will update after further testing. For now, we just want you to know that this particular vape mod is coming and you might be interested. Second, we want to talk about touch screen vape mods. Are they a gimmick or do they offer real value for vapers?vladdin
A couple of years ago, a large number of touch screen mods were hitting the xafs. Smok, Sigelei, and Laisimo were probably the two most prominent touch screen mod makers at the time. When I first heard of touch screen mods I thought it was just a gimmick. We know the technology is widely available. Everyone has a mobile device these days. But is there any actual use for a touch screen mod like the Vaporesso Luxe?

For vapers that have reached the age of presbyopia, or needing reading glasses, a larger touch screen is very much useful. This happens to all of us at some point. As we age, our near vision fades. That can make reading a small screen on a vape mod difficult. A touch screen offers a much larger display. You don’t have to fish out your reading glasses to change any of the settings.

Menu access with a touch screen is also easier. Instead of clicking buttons x number of times, you can let your fingers do the walking. Given all of this, touch screen mods are more than a gimmick. They are useful for a large number of vapers.u2022eney7485yyWEEEEDD


Vape Hardware Review: The Vaporesso Renova Zero Pod System

Vape Hardware Review: The Vaporesso Renova Zero Pod System
vaporesso vape is a reputable brand for a reason. First of all, this brand was created in 2015, but their parent company SMOORE was in the industry from the year 2006. That equals twelve years and counting of vaping experience and innovation. Not only that, the OMNI board chipset in their devices provide a standout vaping experience that’s fast, effective, and reliable. I recently reviewed the Vaporesso Tarot Baby 85W Starter Kit and the Vaporesso NRG Tank. However, although I’ve tried my fair share of pod mods and all-in-one systems, I haven’t tried a pod system from Vaporesso. That is, not until now. Is the Vaporesso Renova Zero Pod System as good as it sounds? Or is it just another pod mod?Rincoe
I hadn’t heard about this kit until I received one for the purpose of this review. So initially I was thinking “another pod mod, just how different can it be?” I was taken with the looks of the device right off the bat, though, and the comfortable design. I received the white Renova Zero. The aesthetics of this device, especially in white, are quite nice. The mod itself is made of zinc alloy, but there is a smooth coating that makes it easier to grip.

Inside the Kit

The Renova Zero Mod
One PCTG Pod
A Micro USB Cable
10 ml E-liquid Filling Bottle


Advantages of swing check valves

swing type check valve structure length is short, its structure length is only the traditional flange check valve 1/4~1/8 small volume, light weight, its weight is only the traditional flange check valve 1/4~1/20 disc closed quickly, water hammer pressure is small, horizontal or vertical pipeline can be used, easy installation. Gate valve flow channel unobstructed, fluid resistance small action sensitive, sealed performance is good disc trip short and close the valve impact small compact structure, simple, modelling is beautiful and long service life, high reliability, using built-in rocker arm swing structure, all the opening and closing of the valve is mounted on the body, not through the body, in addition to the flange parts with sealing gasket and seal ring, the whole not funnelled outside, put an end to the valve leakage.
swing type check valve rocker arm and disc joint adopt spherical connection structure, so that the disc in the 360 degree range has a certain degree of freedom, with appropriate trace position compensation. Suitable for cleaning medium, not for medium containing solid particles and larger viscosity. Swing check valve can be applied to water, steam, oil, nitric acid, acetic acid, strong oxidizing medium and urea and other media. Mainly used in petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, fertilizer, power and other pipelines. Safe and reliable in the process of work, high use value, bring strong use effect, meet the use of different environments and different areas. Check valves are reasonably priced and safe to use.


Notes for the installation of life type check valve

When installing the check valve, pay special attention to the flow direction of the medium, the normal flow direction of the medium should be consistent with the direction of the arrow indicated on the valve body, otherwise it will cut off the normal flow of the medium. knife gate valves should be installed in the horizontal pipeline, the bottom valve should be installed at the bottom of the pump suction pipe.
Notes for lifting check valve installation
1. Do not allow the check valve to bear weight in the pipeline. Large check valves should be supported independently from the pressure generated by the pipeline system.
2. Pay attention that the direction of medium flow should be consistent with the arrow marked on the valve body during installation.
3. Lift vertical disc check valves shall be installed in vertical pipes.
4. Elevating horizontal disc check valves shall be installed in horizontal pipelines.
When the lift check valve is closed, it will generate water hammer pressure in the pipeline, which will lead to the damage of the valve, pipeline or equipment, especially for the big mouth pipeline or high pressure pipeline, so it should cause the high attention of check valve selectors.


Li Na: Tennis has changed my life

Former Grand Slam Champion Li Na spoke about the future of Chinese tennis, saying that she hopes her story inspires the upcoming generation. “Last year, I played legends doubles at Wimbledon, and it was the first time they know, ‘Oh, my mum is a tennis player’,” Li told CNN Sport.To get more li na tennis, you can visit shine news official website.

“Before, they didn’t know that,” said Li. “Before, she went to kindergarten, and the teacher asked ‘what does your mum do?’ And she said ‘My mum, no job.’ So she came back home, and said ‘Mum, why don’t you have a job?’ And I said ‘My job is to take care of you.’

” Speaking about her plans ahead, she said that she wants to start her own Academy and also start promoting her movie. “Now, I am focused on my family, I would like to say, 70% family, 30% in business,” she assessed. And she would not be forcing her kids to take up tennis. “I don’t put a lot of pressure for them,” she commented. “But of course, I would like for them to do sports, it doesn’t matter which sport. So my plan is, when they are four years old, start them with a little bit of sport.”

Still, Li has no regrets she picked up a tennis racket. “Tennis has changed my life,” she said. She also spoke about her movie, saying, “The message of the movie is to try to tell everyone that we are all ordinary people, and that everyone of us has our own dreams,” said Li.

“You try your best to live your dream, if not, you are still better than your old self. “It would be great if girls and young women would be inspired after watching the movie.” In an interview to El Transititor, the Rafael Nadal’s uncle Toni commented on Nick Kyrgios undirectly alleging the 17-time Grand Slam winner of taking banned substances.

“I do not know him”, said Toni. “I only say hi to him on the Tour. I do not exactly know what he said about Rafael, everyone says what he thinks. Everyone does what he wants.” On the 15-year-old Carlos Alcaraz who won a match in the Murcia Challenger, Toni added: “I saw him in a tournament that we hosted and I was impressed by how well he did.

I think he will be on the top ten in a few years.” On David Ferrer possibly facing Nadal in his last career match in the Madrid Open, Toni added: “If it does not make Rafa lose, I would like this clash to happen and that the crowd would treat David the way he deserves to.” In an interview with Marca Ferrer said: “I have good feelings.

I feel happy for how I accepted that I would end my career, that it would be my last year. You always have some fear in the last tournaments, you think about how it will feel, but my goal is to be happy. I feel competitive, I am playing the tournaments I like the most and that excites me the most.

Thank to the career I had I can look back and I feel proud for all what I achieved. I did not expect so much support from the people, that surprised me a lot”, concluded the 36-year-old who will play the Barcelona Open next week.He defeated Rafael Nadal in the semifinals and Jerzy Janowicz in the final. “I saw an opportunity when Andy Murray lost, I saw that Novak Djokovic, Rafa and Roger Federer were not there… Also, during that time in 2012, I felt very close to them.

That was the best moment in my career. I also pick the 2013 French Open semifinals against Jo-Wilfried Tsonga, the Valencia Open title, the Davis Cup in Sevilla and Barcelona.” On people around the world appreciating him, the former world No.

3 added: “Going to Auckland that is a totally different country and seeing how they appreciate you. That’s because you left a good memory over all the years you played tennis in. That’s what I take. People liked me.


The Nanjing Atrocities Reported in the U.S. Newspapers, 1937-38

The German invasion of Poland on September 1, 1939, is conventionally regarded as the starting point of World War II. However, war broke out much earlier in Asia. On July 7, 1937, after claiming that one of its soldiers was missing, the Japanese launched attacks at the Chinese positions near the Marco Polo Bridge in a Beijing southwestern suburb. During the following weeks, the Japanese continued with their attacks in North China, capturing Beijing, Tianjin, and other cities in the region.To get more nanjing horror, you can visit shine news official website.

While Japanese forces were engaged in conquering warfare in North China, tension built up down south in the Shanghai area. Shots were fired on August 9, 1937, in a clash in which two Japanese marines and one member of the Chinese Peace Preservation Corps were killed near the entrance to the Hongqiao Airfield in a Shanghai suburb. After rounds of unsuccessful negotiation, the clash led to the outbreak of hostilities in Shanghai on August 13. Street fighting soon escalated to ferocious urban battles when both sides rushed in divisions of reinforcements.

With heavy casualties inflicted on both sides, the war continued for three months before Shanghai fell to the Japanese on November 12, 1937. Even though Chinese troops fought persistently for months in and around Shanghai, they failed to put up effective resistance west of Shanghai, due to a chaotic and hasty evacuation. Taking advantage of the situation, the Japanese swiftly chased fleeing Chinese troops westward, reaching the city gates of China’s capital, Nanjing, on December 9.

As the Japanese swept the Yangtze valley, such atrocities as killing, raping, looting, and burning were reported to have taken place in the cities, towns, and villages through which Japanese soldiers had travelled. The magnitude and brutality peaked after the Japanese captured Nanjing on December 13, 1937. An American diplomat reported that:
During the siege and fall of Nanjing, as well as the ensuing massacre, 27 Westerners, including five American and British journalists, chose to stay inside the city walls. The journalists stayed to cover the Nanjing battle and the city’s expected fall. When the Nanjing carnage unfolded in front of them, they immediately took to their pens, though they tried in vain to find a way to send out the reports from the fallen city. On December 15, Archibald Trojan Steele of the Chicago Daily News, Frank Tillman Durdin of the New York Times, Arthur von Briesen Menken of the Paramount Newsreel, and Leslie C. Smith of Reuters managed to leave for Shanghai by USS Oahu and HMS Ladybird, while Charles Yates McDaniel of the Associated Press went to Shanghai by Japanese destroyer Tsuga the following day. It was the five American and British correspondents who first broke the news of the Nanjing carnage while it was still in progress, hoping to expose the atrocities to the outside world.

Once on board Oahu, Steele succeeded in convincing the gunboat’s radio operator to cable to Chicago his dispatch which appeared in the Chicago Daily News on December 15, 1937. He reported that the “story of Nanking’s fall is a story of indescribable panic and confusion among the entrapped Chinese defenders, followed by a reign of terror by the conquering army that cost thousands of lives, many of them innocent ones,” because the Japanese “chose the course of systematic extermination.” “Streets throughout the city were littered with the bodies of civilians and abandoned Chinese equipment and uniforms,” and the “last thing we saw as we left the city was a band of 300 Chinese being methodically executed before the wall near the waterfront, where already corpses were piled knee deep.” [3] On December 18, Steele published another report, in which he told the readers that
The other journalists dispatched cables back to their home agencies immediately after their arrival in Shanghai. McDaniel described his observations in diary form which first appeared in the Seattle Daily Times on December 17:


Swing type check valve

swing type check valve, also known as a one-way valve or check valve, its role is to prevent the pipeline medium backflow. Opening and closing parts rely on the flow of the medium and force to open or close, in order to prevent the reverse flow of the medium of the valve called the check valve. Swing type check valve belongs to automatic valve class, mainly used for medium one-way flow pipeline, only allow the medium to flow in one direction, to prevent accidents. Swing type check valve shall generally be installed horizontally in piping.


The Story of the Soong Sisters

Once upon a time in distant China, there were three sisters. One loved money, one loved power and one loved her country.”Such is the opening of the 1997 historical drama directed by Mabel Cheung on the legendary Soong sisters, three women who had tremendous influence on China’s political world in the 20th century.To get more triple neck guitar, you can visit shine news official website.

The story begins with the young Han Jiaozhun, who travelled to the United States in order to work for his uncle’s shop in Chinatown. A stint in the marines, a conversion to Christianity, and a baptism later, Han, now known as Charlie Soong, returned to China as a Christian missionary. It was in Shanghai, in an atmosphere of political change, that he had his six children: three sons and three daughters.
Ailing, the eldest daughter, born in 1888, was the first to leave China and pursue an education at Wesleyan College. In 1914, she returned to marry the up and coming banker H.H. Kung who would eventually become the finance minister of China, making them China’s soon-to-be richest couple.

The youngest, Meiling, who had followed her sister to America, spent much of her formative years abroad, graduating from Wellesley College in 1917 as one of the 33 ‘Durant Scholars’. During WWII she made several tours in the United States to gain support for the Nationalist Party, becoming the first Chinese person to give an address in the US Congress and charming many along the way. Her active role in politics was aided by her marriage in 1927 to Chiang Kai-Shek, the leader of the Republic of China from 1928-49. Along with her role as First Lady, she was a member of the Legislative Yuan, Secretary-General of the Chinese Aeronautical Affairs Commission, Central Executive Committee of the Kuomintang, and acted as translator and advisor to her husband. After fleeing China in 1949, she spent her life between Taiwan and the United States, dying in her sleep in 2003 at the age of 105.

The middle sister, Qingling, passionate about her country, jumped out of a window and eloped with Sun Yat-sen, the revolutionary leader of China who had overthrown the imperial Qing dynasty in 1912. Believing passionately in a New China, free from the restrictions of the imperial age, she dreamed of equal rights for all, including women. She stood by the revolution, and her dream of New China, for her entire life. Even through the Cultural Revolution, despite both her sisters fleeing, she remained in China until her death in 1981.

These three sisters were instrumental in bringing together the feuding Nationalist and Communist Parties in 1937 to fight against the Japanese, running field hospitals and literacy projects at the same time. Their intelligence, wit, and education gained them an influence in 20th century politics with which few could even dare compete.


Peach bum pants crack the Chinese fruit xafs

Have you ever noticed that a peach looks a bit like a human bottom? Have you ever sought to draw attention to this fact by dressing a peach in a tiny pair of women's knickers? What do you mean "of course not, what a weird question"?To get more peach in chinese, you can visit shine news official website.

A fruit vendor in Nanjing, China has started selling peaches wearing tiny pairs of knickers in celebration of the upcoming Qixi festival, the Chinese version of Valentine's Day. reports that "the juiciest, most delicious peaches on Earth" (according to the Wall Street Journal) come from Yangshan in Wuxi, an area famous for its lingerie and garment industry, and the peaches' panties were put on "by hand" – as opposed to by some kind of fruit-dressing robot.
According to the report, which cites several Chinese news sources, the vendor chose the suggestive name "Ripe Fruit" and sells them in silk or chiffon-lined boxes of nine, which will run you a pricey 498 yuan (about £48).

It also says the fruit vendor in question claims to have applied for a patent on panty peaches as they are none too pleased that fruit vendors elsewhere in Shanghai are also sexualising their produce. They are even filing for infringement with the intellectual property bureau, which seems fair enough. It's hard to believe fruit vendors all just happened to realise the potential profit margins of peaches in thongs at the same time.
This news raises even more questions than it does eyebrows. Here are just a few:
• Who is buying boxes of "sexy peach butts"? And for what purpose?

• How will peaches in thongs be incorporated into the romantic celebrations of the Qixi festival? Are they for single men? Parties? The office?

• Were those pants made specifically for peaches (has anyone ever had to type that sentence before?), or is there now an increasing number of children's dolls going commando?

• If the pants were made specifically for peaches, who made them?

• How did this get past the Chinese censors? They block the Dalai Lama's Wikipedia page, but this they broadcast?

• How are we supposed to assimilate a box of peach tushes into our world view? "World as it was plus thong-sporting fruit"? It's not going in.
we have a small favour to ask. More people are reading and supporting our independent, investigative reporting than ever before. And unlike many news organisations, we have chosen an approach that allows us to keep our journalism accessible to all, regardless of where they live or what they can afford.
The Guardian is editorially independent, meaning we set our own agenda. Our journalism is free from commercial bias and not influenced by billionaire owners, politicians or shareholders. No one edits our editor. No one steers our opinion. This is important as it enables us to give a voice to those less heard, challenge the powerful and hold them to account. It’s what makes us different to so many others in the media, at a time when factual, honest reporting is critical.


People Are Betting Thousands On Illegal Cricket Fighting In China

You'd think gamblers would have enough options open to them for a flutter these days, with online betting making it a lot easier to win (or, let's be honest, lose) money fast. But apparently not, as some people are turning to cricket fights to get their betting fix.To get more cricket fight, you can visit shine news official website.

Cricket fighting dates back to the Tang dynasty - way back in 618 AD - and is still pretty popular in China today.And when I say pretty popular, I mean folks are willing to bet tens of thousands of dollars on the outcome of these 'fights'.

Like any other 'sport', though, cricket fighting isn't immune to a rogue element and earlier this week, police made two arrests after busting an 'underground casino' where three men were accused of illegally 'organising cricket fighting'.

A report in the New York Post claims that in just one short week, around 300 people attended the fights and $140,000 (£109,500) was bet on the little creatures.The sport, if you can call it that, was banned during the cultural revolution in the 1960s - however, according to a report by Reuters, it's now back on the rise and younger people are getting involved with the tradition.

Reuters spoke to one man who has around 70 crickets, which he calls his 'little gladiators'. His pampered fighters have their own room in his house and on the wall a framed photograph of his favourite 'little gladiator' hangs on the wall; Hongyaqing (which means 'a black cricket with two red teeth') won the 2004 National Cricket Fighting Championship, so earned itself a place on his wall.

Owners are reported to put the bugs on special diets to help build them up and ensure a win. There are even weight classes and referees as well as teeny beds for the 'fighters' to get some well-earned rest.

One cricket-owner, who didn't give his name, told Reuters he picked up $20,000 (£15,600) in a single match thanks to one of his insects.He said: "There's a lot of betting. But it's against the law. You don't know the place [where the betting matches go on]. Only the guys who know the place know the place."

Unlike other 'blood sports', such as cock-fighting or bull-fighting, cricket fighting rarely injuries the animals involved. The fights last just a few seconds and the loser is determined as the cricket who runs away from its opponent first - or simply stops chirping.



Like easy to use tube mods? Then the Freemax Twister VW kit review will cover the new VW mod and a Freemax Fireluke 2 review. The original Fireluke was a huge hit and was the reason that mesh coils became so popular. The freemax vape VW vape mod is an easy to use tube style mod with a built in 2300 mAh battery. The Twister VW will fire up to 80 watts. It is essentially a tube style device with the same capabilities of a single 18650 box mod.

The new Fireluke 2 mesh tank has three coil options. Something new here is the 360 degree e-liquid feeding. With the Freemax Twister kit, the Fireluke 2 will be color matched to the mod. In fact, there are some very groovy designs and colors to choose from.

Before we get into the Freemax Twister review, let's take a second to talk about tube mods. The beauty of a tube mod is that it is more portable than a box mod and it has a built in battery. Whereas with a box mod a display screen with up and down buttons are used to adjust wattage. With the Twister a manual dial on the bottom of the mod is how the wattage is adjusted. vladdin There is no temp control option for the Twister. Instead, it is made for regular, everyday vaping.
What is the difference between the Fireluke 2 coils and other mesh coils? The difference is in the new coil design. The new generation mesh coil material is specially designed for the Fireluke II. The mesh is laser precision cut from a Kanthal mesh plate. The precision dimensions enhance even heat distribution. That means better vapor, flavor, and efficiency.

Fireluke 2 coils also have a new coil saturation system. The 90% flax and 10% cotton wick is saturated in a 360 degree pattern for fast, even saturation.u2022eney7485yyWEEEEDD


FreeMax is a professional manufacturer

FreeMax is a professional manufacturer
freemax vape is a professional manufacturer and exporter of electronic cigarettes and vapor hardware to all around the world. It is located in ShaJing town, Baoan district Shenzhen City, China. Since the foundation in 2013, FreeMax has achieved an excellent reputation for its high quality, powerful innovation ability and outstanding customer service. FreeMax has released a series of patented products which have made a profound influence on the whole industry.

Our global focus is to research, voopoo vape develop, and manufacture healthier alternatives to cigarette smoking devices. We strive to be a leader in the vapor community by incorporating the latest technologies and manufacturing innovations to promote awareness to our global vape community.

Many milestone products were launched by Freemax and pls kindly allow us to introduce below:

1. At the end of 2014, the introduction of the Freemax Starre tank brought the vaping industry into the SUB OHM Times;

2. Early 2015, Freemax Starre Pure is the first sub ohm tank with Top Airflow;

3. At the end of 2016, Freemax Fireluke is the first sub ohm tank with resin setup;

4. At the end of 2017, Freemax Fireluke Mesh is the world`s first sub ohm tank with mesh coils;

5. And Now, Freemax Mesh Pro is the world`s first sub ohm tank with Double & Triple & Quad Mesh Coils

Our mission is to provide best electronic cigarettes with moderate prices and professional services. It is always remembered that customer satisfaction is our long-term pursuit and final goal. We will continue to focus on innovation, quality and services to satisfy various requirements of domestic and oversea customers.u2022eney7485yyWEEEEDD


Vape Hardware Review: The Vaporesso Drizzle Fit Starter Kit

vaporesso vape usually puts out top-notch vaping devices. It’s a popular brand and when we hear their name, expectations are rather high. That’s why the initial release of the first generation Drizzle kit was sort of a letdown for many vapers. Released in 2017, the original Drizzle kit received less than positive reviews. However, it looks like Vaporesso wanted to give the Drizzle another go by releasing an upgraded version, the Vaporesso Drizzle Fit Starter Kit. I had my qualms about this one, but for what it is, the Drizzle Fit is a good option for beginning vapers who’ve quit cigarettes.

The Drizzle Fit does have a lot going for it in terms of the size. If you’re looking for compact and lightweight, this kit really delivers. The weight of the Drizzle Fit is ridiculously light at about 65 grams, which comes to under 2.5 ounces. Vape Wholesale Easy to carry? You bet!

The mod and tank combo is well crafted, even with the compact size. It’s available in eight color combinations: Black, Red, Gold, Silver, Rainbow, Blue and Red, and two Black splatter options of Black and Green or Black and Red. The Drizzle Fit sub-ohm tank looks pretty standard, but the design suits the mod well.
Ease of use was clearly on the minds of the Vaporesso manufacturers here when they designed the Drizzle Fit kit. The device uses a 1400mAh internal battery, which you charge through the USB port. It charges up fairly quick with 1A quick charging (expect about 1.2 hours to charge it fully). There is a single firing button and no need for a display screen. Simply click the firing button five times to turn the mod on and you’re good to go.

Vaporesso also totes this kit to be perfect for both MTL and DTL vaping, depending on your preference.While I would like to go on and on about how great the two coil options for the Drizzle Fit are, I have to say that they aren’t up to many industry standards are far as flavor performance. I gave these coils a good amount of testing. They are great with high viscosity juices, which means nicotine salts and high VG juices perform well with these coils. At the low power output of the Drizzle Fit mod, you can’t expect a ton of cloud production. The throat hit from these coils, especially with higher nicotine juices, is spot on. However, the flavor is rather muted. I tried a few different juices and was not able to come away impressed with the flavor from the EUC coils. The coil lifespan is about two weeks, which is becoming more standard as vaping technology gets better.u2022eney7485yyWEEEEDD


Giant Dual by Vaporesso, a triple coil clearomizer

With a diameter of 25.5 mm, the vaporesso vape Dual Giant’s body is made of stainless steel. The Pyrex tank is of a capacity of 4.5 ml. Designed for big clouds, the Dual Giant is equipped with a top-filling system and possesses an anti-leakage system and two huge airflow holes at the bottom. Consistent with its design, the drip-tip is in Delrin and very wide.

It uses the CCELL TripleCoil. It is pre-equipped with a 0.15 Ω heating system made of three CCELL-3C SS coils of 0.5 Ω each. According to the manufacturer, the Dual Giant and be powered until 140 W without any flavor artefact.

Vaporesso Aurora Play also includes a reconstructible RBA deck to convert the Dual Giant in RTA.The Dual Giant will be available as early as July 20, 2016 in two colors: Black and Silver.The width of the tank openings is not huge but enough. Changing the resistance coils is achieved by simply pulling them out, you can also use the drip-tip block when screwed on the coil head to ease.The airflow is located on the top cap to avoid leakage. It is a nicely versatile system that allows a wide range of draughts from quasi nul when set to the small ring marker to wide open.

Special note for the drip-tip dedicated to MTL vaping, whose shape reminds of the Nautilus Mini, a pleasure. It can be used as well with the 0.5 Ω coil and the airflow holes wide open. It offers a great rendering of flavors.

Unfortunately, the resistance coils Ccell of the Target Tank are not compatible with the Guardian Tank. Et only the SS316L in 0.5 Ω can be used in CT. The Ccell GD in 1.4 Ω uses a Kanthal A1 wire that is not specified anywhere.u2022eney7485yyWEEEEDD


kit Veco One – Vaporesso

The kit Veco One is a tubular Electronic Cigarette with a length of only 10.8 cm for 22 mm in diameter. It is composed of a 1 500 mAh battery and of a clearomizer Veco Tank with 2 ml capacity. Vaporesso includes in this pack two EUC series resistances in 0.3 Ω, one in ceramic, the other in Clapton.
The battery is very simple. The square Fire switch jiggles when shaking the battery, unfortunately. At the opposite side, one finds the USB plug to charge the battery. It is also equipped with a 510 connection on the top to screw a clearomizer. The finish is in brushed stainless steel. Veco One’s usability is rather good and its compact size makes it a good choice of device to be taken everywhere.vaporesso vape

With 1 500 mAh, the Veco One’s battery autonomy is not an asset. It is difficult to vape all day long with 0.3 Ω resistances, especially when there is not Passthrough mode that would allow charging the battery when vaping. This is surprising and regrettable since most of the devices on the xafs possess this function. You must then unplug the USB each time you puff on the Veco One. Not that easy.

Another issue is the LED that surrounds the power switch and indicates the battery charge. It starts blinking at when the remaining charge comes lower than 10 % and continues to blink until the battery is flat. It is too bad since the brand doesn’t offer a Passthrough mode.The clearomizer has a dual cyclopean airflow on top of the tank, it is adjustable by rotating the ring. It is sold for its abence of leakage and I confirm that is is pleasant not to be obliged to use paper towel all the time. The draught rapidly turns to aerial but, wide open, a slight airflow restriction exists.

The drip-tip is in Delrin. It is wide (10 mm) but a bit short with the lips touching top cap. Fortunately, the connectivity in 510 allows switching to a more usable mouth piece.To fill up the tank, you only have to grab the notched top cap on the tank. Then you can use a pipette to insert the e-liquid between the Pyrex and the chimney. It is wide enough. If the resistance is new, allow it to soak for 3 minutes before using the e-cigarette.

The resistance is easily plugged after the tank is removed, this operation requires to grab the notched base of the tank. If a resistance is in place, take it off and replace it with a new one. Just plug it in the central metallic holder, no need to screw it. If there is still some liquid inside, do the operation upside down.With Veco Vaporesso’s ceramic EUC series resistance in 0.3 Ω, the vapor produced by the Veco is of excellent quality. The flavors are well rendered. Even with the airflow holes wide open, the flavors are just a little bit more diluted. In my expert opinion, the best setting is when the airflow holes are half open, which provides a warm vapor, dense and tasty.

With Veco Vaporesso’s Traditional Clapton EUC series resistance in 0.3 Ω, the feeling is very close, a little bit more agressive with a more pronounced hit. Let’s recall that the EUC series resistance are relatively cheap, about € 18 for a pack of 10.

At use, it is relatively quiet provided that the airflow is not more open than one third. Beyond, it whistles. The Drip-tip doesn’t heat, even when chaining puffs, thanks to the Delrin that does the job. Vaporesso’s Veco One is then designed for aerial vaping without however being ready for cloud chasing.u2022eney7485yyWEEEEDD


Rincoe Manto 228W Kit | Starring the Manto Mod

Rincoe is a new name in the industry but it’s quickly gaining traction. One of their first products is the surprisingly good Manto kit which features a mod called the Manto 228W TC, and a sub-ohm mesh tank called the Metis. The Manto is a simple-to-use dual-18650 mod with a full TC suite and an almost instant fire at 0.002 seconds. The Metis is a stout 25 mm sub ohm mesh tank with a 6 mL bubble glass. It is compatible with two of Rincoe’s own coils (a mesh and a hive coil, both rated at 0.15 ohms) as well as the Baby Beast coils.
No mod is perfect. But even with its flaws, I think the Manto is an incredible mod! The hand-feel, performance, screen, and ease of use all get high marks. Also, the spring-loaded 510 is of high quality and the battery door has strong magnets (although mine has too much lateral play.)

The Manto is about 22 grams heavier than the Vaporesso Polar but it’s a few millimeters shorter. It’s also got a similar body shape, though the Manto is much more ergonomic.

The screen on the Manto is nice! It’s not “3D”, like I’ve read it’s supposed to be, but the black background and graphics are really easy on the eyes. It’s a 2-inch deep-set adjustable color screen that’s overlaid with a thick and scratch-resistant glossy plastic (making it a fingerprint magnet).
It’s been a pleasure to use this mod. It fires super-quick with maybe just a tiny delay compared to something like the Vaporesso Polar. The TC worked well for me too without any convoluted protocol or fiddling.

It’s adjusted in temp with watts pre-set to 60 (where I left it). I tested the TC with the Freemax Mesh Pro SS coil head, and my own 28 gauge 0.8-ohm single-coil build on the Fumytech Rose. Both coils shocked me for how easily and quickly they worked in TC with no error messages. TC has never been this easy for me. Initially I thought that the dry hit protection didn’t work, but it does. My RTA SS coil stopped making Vape Wholesale once the cotton got back to bone dry.

For watts mode in the normal setting, the Manto seems to push power a bit above what it’s set to. It hits fast and hard! I like it though. It’s just something to consider if you’re used to vaping one coil at one setting; you might want to start a little lower with this mod.As good as the Manto is for performance, the Metis isn’t on the same level. It’s a good-looking sub ohm tank with Rincoe’s with mesh and hive coils.

The paint job is stellar and it holds 6 mL of juice despite only standing 46 mm off the mod with the removable 810 tip included. The refill method is a simple screw-top to access the fill ports, which are really wide and unobstructed when filling. You can just pour juice in the tank.

But the disassembly can get wonky. The Manto it one of those tanks that when you go to unscrew one part, sometimes you end up unscrewing another part. That can make a mess or just an unnecessary hassle.

One cool thing about the Metis is that it’s compatible with SMOK Baby Beast coils in addition to the two Rinoce-made coils: a 0.15-ohm hive coil head and a mesh coil head of the same resistance. The hive coil head, which is a mesh-like coil but with wider perforations, is a separate purchase.u2022eney7485yyWEEEEDD


Rincoe Mechman Kit Review — 228W Mod with Interchangeable Panels

Rincoe Mechman Kit Review — 228W Mod with Interchangeable Panels

Rincoe are no strangers to vaping. Thanks to the unique styling of their Manto S and Manto Mini mods, they have been quite popular among vapers. Who doesn’t like a cool looking mod? The newest addition to their lineup is the Mechman 228W kit and it’s just as enticing and customizable as the rest.

The outside of the Mechman comes in three different stylings and there are three different choices of panel designs. But you can also remove the panels and replace the sticker with a custom-printed panel of your choice for added personal flare.

So it looks cool — but how does it perform?vaporesso vape In this review I’m going to go over everything you need to know about the Rincoe Mechman kit and you can decide for yourself if it’s worth picking up.
The Mechman gets it name from it’s all-metal, mechanical looking design. As a whole, it’s a pretty good looking kit. It’s not too heavy though, even with the batteries installed. You can get the mod in either black or silver with three different chassis styles: Steel Case, Steel Wings or Steel Bones. You can also get each style in four different panel designs: camouflage, American flag, Union flag or a mean looking wolf.

The mod is powered by dual 18650 batteries and fires at up to 228W in power mode. It has power mode, bypass mode, temperature control mode and TCR. As far as a menu goes, it doesn’t have one but this keeps the mod simple and easy to use.

The kit comes with the Mechman sub-ohm tank. It’s a 28mm tank made of stainless steel that uses a wide 810 resin drip tip. It comes with a 4.5ml capacity bubble glass and includes two different mesh coils. You get a 0.20ohm and a 0.25ohm coil with the kit.

My first impressions of the Mechman kit are pretty good. It looks good and feels good to hold. The 228W output is higher than most mods I’ve got a chance to review. Plus, it comes with some decent-looking mesh coils. We’ll see how it holds up.
Size: 53.8mm x 29.2mm x 90mm
Power Range: 1-228W
Temperature Control Mode: Ni200/Ti/SS
Power Mode, Bypass Mode, TCR
Uses Two 18650 Batteries
Interchangeable Stickers & Panels


On Feet Images of the adidas Yung-1

Coming soon is the release of the adidas Yung-1 inspired by the brands retro runners. One of the highlighted releases includes the ‘Frieza’ edition which is part of the Dragon Ball Z Yeezy 700 with best price
Other then that you can expect some straight-forward drops to take place including this clean White pair. Having a hybrid look of the Desert Rat 500 and Yeezy Boost 700 part of Kanye West’s line. Looking closer you can see that they feature predominate White throughout while accents of Beige and Grey are spotted. The look also resembles that of the 90s Falcon Dorf release but with an updated midsole.

Continue to scroll below to check out more images of the adidas Yung-1 White which will show you how they look on feet. At the time of writing a specific release date is unavailable but make sure to check back with us for updates.Once again its Yeezy season with the upcoming launch of the adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2 ‘Blue Tint’ which takes place on December 16th. Today we have the store listings.
Not only will you be able to purchase in-store at retailers but you can buy this adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2 , adidas Confirmed App and

As for the adidas Confirmed App, currently you can sign-up which ends on Wednesday, December 13th at 12PM EST. Reservations are scheduled for 4PM EST on the same day.


These adidas Yeezys are Releasing in November

Kanye West and adidas Originals is expanding on their Holiday 2018 releases with another strong enough during November 2018.Part of the releases during November is the ‘Salt’ adidas Yeezy 500, ‘Zebra’ adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2 and the ‘Sesame’ adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2. Both the ‘Sesame’ and ’Salt’ Yeezys are a band new release, however the ‘Zebra’ is a restock which first launched during February 2017.get 500 Outlet,more order with big discount

Below you can check out more information as well as images of the adidas Yeezy November 2018 lineup. Continue to scroll below to check out more images.For the Yeezy Boost 700 releases, so far we have three confirmed to launch this year which will start to debut during Spring and the Salt pair as early as this month (February). The Salt, which is probably the more cleaner pair of the trio is also joined by the Inertia and Analog edition. Not only will the three release in adult sizing, but also in kids and toddler sizing.
While not confirmed, it’s said that the Yeezy Boost 350 V3 will debut at retailers this Summer. No specific colors have been mentioned. We also have the Yeezy Basketball model coming after years of talk and is known as the adidas Yeezy Basketball Quantum. Another drop said to come is the 700 V2 ‘Geode’ which is an updated version of the 700. Last but not least is the Yeezy 451 which has a midsole that extends onto the upper.
Below you can check out the entire 2019 adidas Yeezy Releases so far. This section will also be updated constantly with prices, first looks, restocks and other leaks. Visit the comments section and let us know what you plan on buying.


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Voopoo DRAG Baby Trio, Voopoo Drag Nano Pod Kit|more high-end than ever!

Voopoo DRAG Baby Trio, Voopoo Drag Nano Pod Kit|more high-end than ever!
1.Natural Masterpiece with 7 Optional Resin Colors
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3.Gene Trio chipset and Intelligent cold boot mode for speedy power output
4.Unique dual-hole airflow system
5.Creative PnP coils
6.Patented top fill structure
7.Tricolor LED indicator light
8.Quickly Charged in 1.5 hours
9.Nearly 500 puffs available in full charge
10.Multiple protections to ensure safer vaping
Inherited from VOOPOO DRAG family, the voopoo drag nano pod is a innovative portable starter kit with 1.8ohm e-juice capacity. With creative PnP coils, the DRAG Baby Trio kit is optimized for DTL and MTL Vaping. Powered by 1500mAh built-in battery, the DRAG Baby Trio is powerful yet elegant starter kit with colorful resin panel and chain necklace for easy-carry. Moreover, it adopts new innovative Gene Trio chipset which brings fantastic flavor with speedy power output. It features the creative PnP coils, which is a branch of the patented Voopoo Maat technology that has simplified coil installation so much that it takes about one second. Plus patented top fill structure and tricolor LED indicator light, it is definitely a natural masterpiece for vapers. Best for DTL and MTL vaping lovers.u2022eney7485yyWEEEEDD


'Epidemic' of dangerous youth e-cigarette, vaping use, surgeon general declares

The U.S. surgeon general on Tuesday issued a strong warning against Electronic Cigarette use by young people, called it “unsafe” in any form and termed vaping an “epidemic.”

“Two years after my predecessor sounded the alarm bells, youth e-cigarette use has skyrocketed — so much so today that I am officially declaring e-cigarette use among youth an epidemic in the United States,” said U.S. Surgeon General Jerome Adams, known as the “nation’s doctor,” at a news conference.

“And I don’t want there to be any misconceptions about this. I don’t use that word, epidemic, which means a sudden increase about normally expected numbers, I do not use that word lightly,” Adams said.

It’s a considerably sterner and more specific warning than the one Adams referenced from 2016, when the same federal office identified vaping as an emerging public health concern. Since then, studies have shown a sharp uptick among young people using the devices and companies that sell the liquid nicotine in flavors that appeal to teens.

Adams was joined by Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar, who emphasized data showing a historic increase in e-cigarette use that outpaces youth use of any other substance.”The bottom line is that in the data sets we use, we’ve never seen use of any substance, and by America’s young people, rise this rapidly. This is an unprecedented challenge,” Azar said.

According to Adams, of particular concern is the availability of new products, including ones shaped like a USB flash drive. The office has released photos of what the devices look like as a resource to parents.One such device made by the company JUUL saw a 600 percent surge in sales in recent years, according to Adams. And a typical JUUL cartridge, or “pod,” contains about as much nicotine as a pack of 20 regular cigarettes, his office stated.

“Today, we must protect our nation’s young people from a lifetime of nicotine addiction and associated problems by immediately addressing youth e-cigarette use,” Adams said. “We’re far too often, in health and in public health, late to the game. But now is the time to take action.”


Vape Mod Deals

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Top 10 Best Cyber Monday Deals on Vaping

you vape, then you know how expensive vaping accessories can be. And, if you’re a savvy shopper, you know how amazing Cyber Monday can be for your pocketbook–especially on vaping accessories. Since you already have to purchase cheap vape deals mods and other pieces parts, why not snag some amazing Cyber Monday vaping deals?

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No difference between e-cigarette and cigarette use

cheap vape deals typically deliver an aerosol of nicotine and other flavors by heating a liquid and are promoted as a safer alternative to conventional cigarettes, which generate the nicotine aerosol by burning tobacco.

While e-cigarettes deliver lower levels of carcinogens than conventional cigarettes, they both deliver ultrafine particles – which are 1/50 to 1/100 the size of a human hair – and other toxins that have been linked to increased cardiovascular and non-cancer lung disease risks.

The new analysis involved 69,452 people who were interviewed through National Health Interview Surveys in 2014 and 2016, a cross-sectional study in which in-person interviewers asked participants whether they had ever used e-cigarettes and/or cigarettes, and whether they had ever been told by a doctor or other health professional that they had had a heart attack.

Among the 9,352 current and former e-cigarette users, 333 (3.6 percent) had experienced a heart attack at some point, with the highest percentage (6.1 percent) among those who used e-cigarettes daily. In the analysis, a quarter of the 2,259 people who currently used e-cigarettes were former smokers of conventional cigarettes and about 66 percent of current e-cigarette users were also current cigarette smokers.

The researchers found that the total odds of having a heart attack were about the same for those who continued to smoke cigarettes daily as those who switched to daily e-cigarette use. For those who used both products daily, the odds of having had a heart attack were 4.6 times that of people who had never used either product.

The authors also said that that while there was a “lasting effect” associated with being a former smoker, there was not a significant increase in myocardial infarction risk for former or (sometimes) e-cigarette users. They proposed that the risks of e-cigarette use may dissipate rapidly when someone stops using them, that some people briefly experiment with e-cigarettes and stop using them before any lasting damage is done, or that e-cigarettes have not been available long enough to cause permanent damage to the cardiovascular system.

“The only way to substantially reduce the risk of a heart attack is to stop using tobacco,” Glantz said.

The authors noted that it was not known whether the heart attacks occurred relative to e-cigarette use, and that some of the heart attacks that subjects reported are likely to have occurred before e-cigarettes became available in the U.S. (around 2009), which would lead them to underestimate the effects of e-cigarettes on heart attack risk.

The paper’s co-authors are Talal Alzahrani, M.D., Ivan Pena, M.D., and Nardos Temesgen, M.D., all of George Washington University. Glantz’ work was supported by grant R01DAO43950 from the National Institute of Drug Abuse and P50CA180890 from the National Cancer Institute and the Food and Drug Administration Center for Tobacco Products.u2022eney7485yyWEEEEDD


Oumier & VapnFagn Bulk RTA Atomizer 6.5ml

Oumier & VapnFagn Bulk RTA Atomizer 6.5ml
oumier bulk rta is an excellent collaboration between Youtube reviewer VapnFagn and Oumier. Bulk RTA features postless and dual coil build deck which is easy to use and operate. Oumier Bulk RTA offers a maximum of juice capacity 6.5ml. Vapers will love such large capacity without a refill for many times. I believe Oumier is absolutely a good RTA for each RTA lovers who always pay attention to the new and updated RTA from youtube reviews or blogs.
Specifications of Oumier & VapnFagn Bulk RTA Atomizer:
Size: 28*39.7mm
Thread: 810
Double Coil RTA
Bottom Airflow


GeekVape Frenzy Pod System Kit

Let’s check some information about the geekvape frenzy kit.Original GeekVape Frenzy 950mAh Pod System Starter Kit Original Price $37.00, Now Only $27.99

GeekVape Frenzy Pod System Kit. Designed with pure elegance and beautifully crafted with zinc alloy and Resin making every single piece a unique masterpiece. Geekvape Frenzy is one of Geekvape’s most advanced Pod system powered with the AS Micro Chipset and compatible with the replaceable NS coil system. This item also has other color to choose.
Main Features:
* 950mAh Battery capacity.
* Convenient airflow adjustment.
* Advanced AS Micro Chipset.
* Refined NS mesh coil system for maximum flavor.


Galaxy Fold: There's just one thing standing in the way of its perfect accessory

date, the Galaxy Fold’s well-known screen problems come down to the design of its plastic Infinity Flex display. Without a bendable glass topper, the delicate screen surface is too fragile for all but the lightest touch, an unfortunate circumstance that caused five early production reviewer units to suffer breakdowns. That’s a shame, because without a sturdy screen, the Fold won’t be able to fulfill its true potential. See, this device is crying out for a stylus. To get more technology news, you can visit shine news official website.

Bendable glass would open up this new stylus opportunity for the Fold, an add on that seemed blindingly obvious to me after about five minutes of using the Galaxy Fold.

A stylus is the Galaxy Fold’s perfect accessory. With its 7.3-inch inner screen, the Fold’s hybrid phone-tablet design has roughly 11.5% more display space than the Galaxy Note 9’s 6.4-inch screen, a phone that’s entirely defined by its S Pen stylus. When you’re already paying $1,980 for a “luxury” device, getting the ability to do more would only increase the Fold’s value.

Everything you’d do on a phone like the rumored Note 10 you’d also want to do on the Fold, from navigating around and annotating items, to drawing or writing on the larger surface. Samsung already has this technology down pat, and extending the S Pen to the Fold could help Samsung further differentiate itself from other brands and win more Note fans.The Galaxy Fold is the first foldable phone from a major player. Phones that bend signal a bold new direction for Samsung and other brands that could double your phone’s screen space while remaining small enough to carry around. Samsung’s early problems highlight how a more complex design can increase the risk for something to go wrong.

Although my own Galaxy Fold review unit worked flawlessly until Samsung asked for it back (this was scheduled from the start), I did notice first one screen dent and then another and a third, all accrued during my 10-day review period. While I’ve been known to scratch “regular” glass-topped phones in my purse or — yikes — the pavement, I had been babying the Fold.

A device you worry about marring with your fingernail isn’t one you needle countless times a day with the plastic tip of a digital pen.The argument in favor of a Galaxy Fold stylus has precedent. Apple made the Apple Pencil for the iPad Pro and Microsoft’s Surface Pro has the Surface Pen. Unlike these two devices, Samsung sees the Fold as a phone-tablet mashup and not a tablet-laptop hybrid, but both the iPad Pro and Surface Pro come with optional, afterxafs pen accessories aimed at power users. The Fold seems like a natural gateway for Samsung to explore a more grown-up Fold down the line, especially if foldable devices took off.

While an S Pen for the Fold wouldn’t necessarily tip the balance toward the Galaxy Fold or erase buyers’ fears (a rewards program and concierge support would go further there), an extra accessory might give Fold fans more to love. At the very least, it could help make the Galaxy Fold feel more complete.

When that time comes, some of Samsung’s current phone screen problems might vanish, like debris working its way beneath the display, damage due to pressure and easy screen scratches.

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