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Diablo-like Path of Exile gets War for the Atlas expansion on PC

Today, Grinding Gear Games released a new expansion for path of exile items called War for the Atlas. War for the Atlas is available now on PC, with an Xbox One version launching later in December. We don’t have a concrete release date for the Xbox One version as of now. The game looks stunning on the standard console but even better on the Xbox One X as it runs at native 4K 60 FPS.

Path of Exile’s lore is complicated but this new chapter focuses on the war between two powerful beings known as The Shaper and The Elder. If you’ve experienced the base game, you may remember references to the conflict and characters. The expansion adds numerous missions and dungeons so expect dozens of hours of additional gameplay. What’s most impressive is that War for the Atlas introduces over thirty new maps with a lot of endgame items.

There are also ten new gems which act somewhat like active and passive skills. Changing existing ones and finding new combinations radically alters your attacks. While other role-playing games require you to swap out skills, Path of Exile requires you to swap out gems. The expansion also adds the Abyss Challenge League where players can earn mysterious items called Abyss Jewels by fighting enemies erupting from below. Abyss Jewels can be used to further upgrade your character and items in unique ways. There’s a lot more content here so be sure to check out the expansion if you play Path of


Path of Exile Has Really Big Plans

New Zealand’s independent studio Grinding Gear Games announced today that Tencent, the multinational Chinese media conglomerate considered to be Asia’s most valuable company with a xafs cap of $580 billion, acquired a majority stake (80%) in the company.

Tencent was already the Chinese publisher of poe currency but wanted to invest further into the game. Below you can find a detailed FAQ posted by the founders of Grinding Gear Games, who reassure players that nothing will change for them if not for the better.Tencent is one of the largest companies in the world and also one of the largest games publishers in the world. Tencent owns giant franchises like League of Legends and Clash of Clans and has a strong reputation for respecting the design decisions of developers and studios they invest in, allowing a high level of autonomy in continuing to operate and develop their games.

We have been approached by many potential acquirers over the last five years, but always felt that they didn’t understand Path of Exile, or that they had other agendas (like signing users up to their services). Tencent’s agenda is clear: to give us the resources to make Path of Exile as good as it can be.
Grinding Gear Games is still an independently-run company in New Zealand. All of its developers still work for Grinding Gear Games and have not become Tencent employees. The founders (Chris, Jonathan and Erik) are still running the company, just like we have been for the last 11 years. Going forward, we will have financial reporting obligations to Tencent but this will have minimal impact on our philosophy and operations.
The Chinese version of Path of Exile currently has its releases a few weeks after the international version. We are working hard to reduce this gap so that they come out closer together (or even simultaneously), but are not planning to prioritize the Chinese version of Path of Exile ahead of the international version. We want to treat all of our customers equally without any of them being frustrated at missing features or delayed releases.Buy Now


Tencent buys majority stake in Path of Exile’s Grinding Gear Games

Chinese gaming and social media giant Tencent has acquired a majority stake in Grinding Gear Games, the publisher of Buy Path of Exile items (think a free-to-play modern take on Diablo II but in a huge online world, with regular expansions, adventure leagues, and other evolving content). Grinding Gear Games said in a post that it will remain an independent company and there won’t be big changes in how it operates.

“We want to reassure the community that this will not affect the development and operations of Path of Exile,” Grinding Gear Games chief Chris Wilson said in a blog post. “Tencent is one of the largest companies in the world and also one of the largest games publishers in the world. Tencent owns giant franchises like League of Legends and Clash of Clans and has a strong reputation for respecting the design decisions of developers and studios they invest in, allowing a high level of autonomy in continuing to operate and develop their games.”Willson added, “We have been approached by many potential acquirers over the last five years, but always felt that they didn’t understand Path of Exile, or that they had other agendas (like signing users up to their services). Tencent’s agenda is clear: to give us the resources to make Path of Exile as good as it can be.”

Path of Exile debuted on PC in 2013 and Xbox One in 2017. It brings the action-RPG gameplay of Diablo II online. It launched with the promise “ethical microtransactions,” and to this day, it still charges only cosmetic effects and items. It had more than 14 million players as it went to China in 2016, and last year, it saw a 56 percent increase in player engagement over 2016.

Grinding Gear Games is based in New Zealand and it has been around for 11 years. The founders are Wilson, Jonathan Rogers, and Arik Olofsson. The company will report financials to Tencent, but the new ownership will have “minimal impact on our philosophy and operations.”

Wilson also said, “We spoke to CEOs of other companies that Tencent has invested in, and have been assured that Tencent has never tried to interfere with game design or operations outside of China. We retain full control of Path of Exile and will only make changes that we feel are best for the game.”

They assured players that Path of Exile will not become a “pay to win” game via monetization changes. The Chinese version will also not be prioritized ahead of the international version. But sometimes, Tencent will request features that they want to try in the Chinese version that Grinding Gear Games don’t plan to roll into the international version.see more


TESO: Update 17 Promotes Interaction And Tactics In Combat

Zenimax released on 12 and 27 February for The Elder Scrolls Online not only the chargeable DLC Dragon Bones, but also the free update 17. In an official preview, the developers now take a look at the innovations for the combat system, in the PvE and Promote PvP interaction and tactical approach. On the 12th of February the DLC Dragon Bones and the free update 17 for the PC version of The buy elder scrolls online gold will be released - the console version will be released on February 27th.
 Highlight of the chargeable package are the two new dungeons Scalecaller Peak and Fang Lair, the patch will turn two new arenas for the Multiplayer Slaughter in 4v4v4 mode (Mor Khazgur and Deeping Drome), camps in hostels, to play the Outfit system as well as adjustments for the level experience on the servers of TESO (now for € 29,88 buy). But the developers have with Update 17 also an improvement of the combat system in view. The goal: The interaction within the group and tactical approach should be promoted.
 How Zenimax wants to achieve that in detail, you have been learning for a short time in an official developer blog. In particular, the designers take advantage of the Ability Synergies that players have not used as effectively as the people in charge would like to see them. Their use is therefore to be simplified, and some enhancements and corrections are planned. "With this update, we wanted to make Synergies easier to understand and even easier to activate," says ESO Lead Combat Designer Eric Wrobel. "Every ability that offers a Synergy now displays a clear visual indicator, such as a column of light. Once the Synergy is used, the indicator disappears. This helps other players know whether they can expect to find a Synergy there."Click Here


Final Fantasy XIV‘s next major patch drops on September 27th

Ready to see what awaits Eorzea with the end of the Dragonsong War? buy ffxiv gil next major patch drops on September 27th, and as is the custom, a new trailer shows off the content players can expect to explore. This includes the story content for the main scenario questline and the various side stories as well as the last portion of the Alexander story.
There’s also a lot of other content on display, as well: the new adventuring squadrons, new apartments, another battle against the Warring Triad, and new equipment to properly accessorize your characters. There are also even deeper floors to be explored in the Palace of the Dead for those who dare to trek deep within.
 The Dragonsong War is over in Final Fantasy XIV. Seriously, that’s done; we players emerged victorious and we can all move on. So that means no more story to tell, right? Oh, certainly not; the new main scenario preview confirms that just because we’ve solved one problem doesn’t mean there aren’t several others waiting in the wings. And while no one is going to say that it’s Ala Mhigo and the Warriors of Darkness, we all know it is, right?
Of course, the main scenario is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of problems to deal with; players are also going to be tasked with heading back into the Great Gubal Library to retrieve untold tomes of powerful knowledge as well as venturing into Xelphatol to prevent another summoning of Garuda by the Ixal. There are also some preview images for the patch below, showing off the MSQ, the new Tomestone gear, housing additions, and the upcoming double-cross hotbar. So finishing off the Dragonsong War was not, in fact, the solution to all problems forever.Click to Buy


United Imaging Healthcare Unveils the uAI Platform at the 1st United Innovation Summit

united imaging healthcare Healthcare (UIH) held the Inaugural United Innovation Summit (uInnovation) in Shanghai on April 11, 2018. During the event, UIH unveiled the uAI platform, while the industry's top experts gathered together to share their thoughts on how to shape the future of medical imaging. Xue Min, the Chairman of the Board & Chief Executive Officer of UIH, said in his speech that "Innovation is the driving force and foundation of UIH. Innovation requires the integration and cooperation of all forces.
UIH hopes to build uInnovation into a platform for releasing UIH's innovative products and technologies as well as an innovation platform for communicating forward-looking industry information and cutting-edge ideas, integrating innovative resources, and promoting collaboration." Xue said, "At uInnovation, forces in the industrial, clinical, and academic fields will join hands to form an innovation community so we can make more ideas a reality and explore further into the future.
"During the event, Dinggang Shen and Sean Zhou, co-CEOs of United Imaging Intelligence, a subsidiary of UIH, showed up along with the subsidiary's "Dream Team" to present the uAI platform. As an open AI platform involving different product lines, uAI will enable imaging and radiotherapy equipment and the uCloud to assist doctors with efficient and precise diagnosis and treatment. In addition, a friendly and open AI ecosystem will be built based on the uAI platform. Dinggang Shen said, "uAI is a friendly AI platform that empowers a full line of imaging equipment, United Imaging's uCloud, as well as doctors themselves.
We will do our best to help our partners make friends with AI." Sean Zhou said, "We will bring in new partners to set up AI training classes to help doctors learn more about AI. We will cooperate with partners to create new AI products and help doctors be pioneers in the field of AI. We will open up AI platforms to support doctors in developing and releasing their own AI products. We firmly believe that only by allowing more doctors to join us and cooperate with us on AI development can we do battle against the tens of thousands of diseases assailing mankind."


China 'ready to fight back' after Washington's shock move to press ahead with tariffs

China on Wednesday lashed out at Washington's unexpected statement that it will press ahead with tariffs and restrictions on investments by Chinese companies, saying Beijing was ready to fight back if Washington was looking to ignite a trade war.To get more china latest news, you can visit shine news official website.
The US said on Tuesday that it still held the threat of imposing tariffs on $50bn of imports from China and would use it unless Beijing addressed the issue of theft of American intellectual property. The declaration came after the two sides had agreed earlier this month to look at steps to narrow China's $375bn trade surplus with America, and days ahead of a visit to Beijing by US Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross for further negotiations.China on Wednesday lashed out at Washington's unexpected statement that it will press ahead with tariffs and restrictions on investments by Chinese companies, saying Beijing was ready to fight back if Washington was looking to ignite a trade war.
The US said on Tuesday that it still held the threat of imposing tariffs on $50bn of imports from China and would use it unless Beijing addressed the issue of theft of American intellectual property. The declaration came after the two sides had agreed earlier this month to look at steps to narrow China's $375bn trade surplus with America, and days ahead of a visit to Beijing by US Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross for further negotiations.
 "The thinking became that if the US doesn't have any leverage and there is no pressure on our Chinese friends, then we will not have serious negotiations." China's Commerce Ministry reacted swiftly overnight with a short statement, saying it was surprised and saw it as contrary to the consensus both sides had reached recently.
The Global Times said the US was suffering from a "delusion" and warned that the "trade renege could leave Washington dancing with itself". The widely read tabloid is run by the Communist Party's official People's Daily, although its stance does not necessarily reflect Chinese government policy. "The Chinese government will have the necessary measures in place to deal with a US withdrawal from any settled agreement. If the US wants to play games, then China would be more than willing to play along and do so until the very end," it said.Fears of a trade war between the world's two biggest economies had also receded after the administration of President Donald Trump said it had reached a deal that would put ZTE back in business after banning China's second-biggest telecoms equipment maker from buying US technology parts.
 Still hanging in the balance, however, is San Diego-based Qualcomm's proposal to acquire NXP Semiconductors NV - a $44bn deal that requires clearance from China's antitrust regulators. The recent easing in tensions had fuelled optimism that an agreement was imminent. "On hold now," a person familiar with Qualcomm's talks with the Chinese government said on Wednesday, declining to be identified as the negotiations are confidential.


Amnesty accuses Nicaragua of killings

Amnesty accuses Nicaragua of killings Amnesty International has accused the Ortega government in Nicaragua of extrajudicial killings and media repression to crush anti-government protests.Find the more breaking news from SHINE.
 Nicaraguan authorities have used extrajudicial killings and repression of the media to crush anti-government protests in which at least 81 people have been killed, Amnesty International says. "The Nicaraguan authorities have turned on their own people in a vicious, sustained and frequently lethal assault on their rights to life, freedom of expression and peaceful assembly," Erika Guevara-Rosas, Americas director at the rights watchdog, said in a statement on Wednesday.
"The government of President [Daniel] Ortega has then shamelessly tried to cover up these atrocities, violating the victims' rights to truth, justice and reparation," she added. Protests against Ortega's government began on April 17, initially triggered by opposition to new taxes on old age and disability pensions, as well as an increase in social security contributions. But protesters are now demanding Ortega's resignation. Amnesty said the government had allowed pro-government armed groups known as "Sandanista mobs" to attack protesters to make it harder to later identify those responsible.
Collusion between such groups and the state was illustrated by the fact that many such attacks were carried out in front of security forces and also by the way police allowed perpetrators to flee the scene, it said. It also said that medical staff who treated the dead and injured - many of whom had bullet wounds in the neck, head and upper thorax - were of the opinion that "the bullets had been aimed to cause maximum harm.
" The rights watchdog also noted that four news channels were taken off air during the early days of the protests and that several attacks on journalists had taken place, including the shooting dead of Angel Gahona live on air in the city of Bluefields on April 21A radio station, Radio Dario, which had been critical of the government was burned down on April 20, with 12 people inside the building, all of whom only just managed to escape. The station's owner, Anibal Toruno, told Amnesty that two of the attackers set themselves on fire and died when they used a mortar to set the building alight after pouring petrol on it.
The strategy of repression "appears to have been directed from the highest levels of government," Amnesty wrote, with Ortega and his wife Vice President Rosario Murillo demonising demonstrators and denying people were being killed. Amnesty said its experts visited four cities in the country between May 4 and 13. Its report was based on 30 interviews, the review of dozens of testimonies and documentation by local organisations, analysis of firearms and munitions experts and corroboration of video and photographic evidence.


home buyers are spending more than expected

Home buyers are busting budgets — and in some cases selling things they love — to snag their dream houses.To get more house buying news, you can visit shine news official website. A third of home buyers blew through the upper limit of what they planned to spend, topping that cap by an average $16,510, according to a survey of 1,214 Americans who purchased a house within the last four years.
The survey was conducted Jan. 31 to Feb. 8. “Clearly, we’re in an environment of rising prices,” especially for starter homes, says Daniel Maloney, national head of sales for, a real estate brokerage. Many houses on the xafs are drawing multiple offers, forcing buyers to bid up.In January, home prices nationally were up an average 6.2% from a year earlier, according to the S&P CoreLogic Case-Shiller home price index. Prices have risen nearly 50% from their 2012 bottom. Supply shortages, combined with a healthy job xafs that’s fueling demand, are blamed for the recent price run-up. Millennials are most likely to splurge, with 40% going over budget and by $24,545 on average.
Thirty-four percent of Gen Xers raced past their limits, by $13,996 on average. And 19% of Baby Boomers topped their spending parameters, by an average $8,024.Millennials are most likely to go over budget and by a larger amount because they’re first-time home buyers and the least knowledgeable about setting a realistic price target and meeting it, Maloney says. Gen Xers had Boomers are progressively savvier. Also, supply shortages and sharp price increases are most acute among the starter homes Millennials favor, Maloney says. And, he says, young adults may feel more urgency to buy a house because they’re living with parents or renting. Members of the other age groups, many of whom already own homes, can simply stay in them until they find something close to their price range.
 Caron MacDonald, 29, of Hanover, Mass., planned on spending $250,000 to $280,000 on her first home purchase but found that houses in that range needed work or weren’t in safe neighborhoods. So she wound up buying a two-bedroom house for $300,000 about a year ago. Since MacDonald wanted to make a 20% down payment to avoid the cost of mortgage insurance, the higher price tag forced her mother to chip in half of the $60,000 down payment instead of the $10,000 to $20,000 she originally planned. MacDonald is also paying $1,600 a month in mortgage and other costs, about $400 more than she intended. To make it work, the lifelong equestrian had to sell her horse to shed roughly $700 in monthly stable fees and has given up her annual vacation to the Caribbean.It was tough,” she said of the horse sale. And, “It is a little disappointing to not go away as much.” But noting that her monthly house payment is now an investment in her future, she says, “I can do without a vacation if it means I’m actually a homeowner.”


Academics and nutritionists confirm olive oil is essential for good health

The jury’s out: Experts have confirmed that olive oil is essential for good health, thanks to its many medicinal properties. In particular, multiple studies have shown that it possesses anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, immunity-boosting, and overall nutrition-enhancing properties. Olive oil is also beneficial for the heart, and it protects against diabetes and blood pressure, as well as other diseases.To get more food news, you can visit shine news official website. According to Avni Sali, founding director of the National Institute of Integrative Medicine in Australia, olive oil is particularly useful for cancer patients.
“For cancer patients who can’t eat much and are losing weight – and even healthy people in general – I would encourage them to incorporate as much olive oil into their diet as possible,” said Sali, who is also the president of the International Council of Integrative Medicine (ICIM). They also debunked some misconceptions about olive oil – a crucial component of a Mediterranean diet. While some people think associate olive oil with other harmful fats, they are, in reality, very healthy.
 Another misconception about olive oil is that you cannot cook with it because of its low smoke point, which in turn makes it more likely to become carcinogenic. Contrary to this belief, its smoke point is higher than what people think. It also contains antioxidant properties which make it a safe and healthy oil to cook with. In addition, olive oil has more health benefits and polyphenol properties than coconut oil. (Related: Olive oil is the healthiest choice when it comes to frying food, study finds.) To counter misinformation, clever food xafsing strategies, and fad diet information found online, Sali and his team launched Olive Wellness Institute (OWI), an online resource dedicated to increasing awareness of extra virgin olive oil and other olive products.
The OWI will provide credible and latest news on olive oil to the general public. As Sali put it, a lot of people view medicine as “purely prescription-based.” While no simple prescription will cure chronic illness, he recommends that doctors talk it out with thier patients to understand their diet, physical activity, and habits. “This way, they can make recommendations that may help to lower the risk of illness for the healthy, and improve the quality of life for the chronically ill,” he added.Olive oil is obtained by pressing the fruits of the olive tree.
 In general, olive oil is healthy, but some versions are extracted using chemicals or even dilute with cheap oil. To be sure, choose extra virgin olive oil: It’s extracted using natural methods and standardized for purity, taste, smell, and other sensory qualities. It’s also produced free of chemicals and industrial refining. In addition, extra virgin olive oil has a distinctive taste and is rich in phenolic antioxidants – the primary reason why it’s great for a person’s health.


Cramer Remix: The one stock that is being unjustly overlooked

Even with Disney's strong second-quarter earnings report, boosted by theme park success and multiple blockbusters, CNBC's Jim Cramer has noticed that investors still overlook its stock.To get more stock xafs news, you can visit shine news official website.
 "No one seems to care that Disney's movies keep breaking records," the "Mad Money" host said about its Avengers and Black Panther films. "Throw in the fact that the company's been a voracious buyer of its own stock, and it's downright puzzling, frankly, that this xafs only seems to focus on one thing: subscriber losses at ESPN." So Cramer called on technician Tim Collins, his colleague at, to help him understand how Disney's technical indicators were factoring into its share price.And "as Collins sees it, there are few animals more unloved on Wall Street than Mickey Mouse," Cramer said Tuesday.
 "So, on a not-so-hot day for the averages, I want to address one of the most unjustly overlooked stocks in the xafs." "The darned thing still gets no respect and it feels kind of stuck here," he added before turning to Disney's weekly chart.While Cramer is confident about the future of FANG, his acronym for the stocks of Facebook, Amazon, Netflix and Google, now Alphabet, he knew concerns would arise after Tuesday's xafs pain. All four major indices declined after the closely watched 10-year Treasury yield rose to its highest level since 2011 and home improvement retailer Home Depot missed its earnings estimates."Here's how I see today's pullback: this entire xafs is getting a well-deserved breather, led by FANG, after a gigantic rally," the "Mad Money" host said.
But Cramer pushed back on claims that FANG was outright dead. The tech stocks have simply "caught a cold" amid otherwise strengthening businesses, he argued. Cramer was dumbfounded when he saw the xafs's immediate response to Home Depot's earnings miss, which the company said was driven by unfavorable weather."Within seconds, ... we saw a flurry of articles about how there's a slowdown in housing and even the great orange big-box chain couldn't buck the trend," Cramer said Tuesday.
Earlier, on CNBC's "Squawk on the Street," Cramer told investors to wait and hear what Home Depot's management said before drawing conclusions about the home improvement giant. Sure enough, when the post-earnings conference call began, Home Depot's stock began to stabilize "as if the sellers said, wait a second, maybe we're overreacting," he said.Foodservice equipment maker Welbilt is getting an "interesting" take on food delivery in its exclusive partnership with robotic pizza-making company Zume, Welbilt CEO Hubertus Muehlhaeuser told CNBC on Tuesday.
"In the past, we said that 50 percent of disposable income is spent on eating outside of the house. Today, we say prepared outside of the house, because delivery has taken off," the CEO told Cramer in a "Mad Money" interview. "Zume is revolutionizing [the] delivery model." Zume, a California-based company that uses automated robots and humans to make pizza on the go in its delivery trucks, is trying to optimize the "last mile of delivery," Muehlhaeuser told Cramer.And with Welbilt's kitchen equipment, Zume is not only redefining delivery, but creating a new platform for others to use, the CEO said. "They want to establish that platform for other delivery services and also for other products," he told Cramer. "You can bake, grill, fry on a truck, so [it's a] great opportunity for us."


Nigeria is leading on pan-African free trade despi

A worker fits parts to the underside of a raised Hyundai Motor Co. Accent automobile on a production line at Stallion Group vehicle assembly plant in Lagos, Nigeria, on February 17, 2016.To get more economy news, you can visit shine news official website. Nigeria is in a position of leadership on a proposed Africa-wide trading bloc despite not having signed up to the agreement, the managing director of commercial lender Ecobank Nigeria told CNBC.
Nigeria has "shifted the balance of power," and "put itself in the situation where they now have the call," Charles Kie said in an interview Friday. In March, 44 members of the 55-nation African Union signed up to the Continental Free Trade Area (CFTA), an agreement which proposes a common xafs across the African continent. The new bloc would result in the largest free trade area in terms of participating countries since the formation of the World Trade Organization.
 But Nigeria and South Africa, the region's two largest economies, did not get on board, citing concerns over safeguarding jobs and cheap Chinese goods flooding the xafs. The summit took place in the Rwandan capital of Kigali. Rwanda's President Paul Kagame is also chair of the African Union for 2018. Meanwhile, Nigeria's President Muhammadu Buhari did not attend the event.When you are the largest economy on the continent, and it's a tiny, small country like Rwanda who is leading the conversation on the CFTA, there's a very simple question that you ask yourself: 'Where is your leadership?'" Kie said. By initially turning down the deal, Nigeria has the "leverage" to "get some of the conditions that they think are critical for the economy to now be put on the table," Kie explained. "They (won't) just absorb the impact of the decision that was taken, but they're also part of the solutions that are going to come." "I'm just making a pure and basic analysis of the powers in presence, and I'm looking at what it entails," he said. "All of this is political, it's the heads of state that sign these agreements.
" Kenya and Ghana, both African economies boasting strong fundamentals, ratified the agreement last week. Ethiopia's Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, who leads the east African powerhouse economy which has seen double-digit GDP (gross domestic product) growth as recently as 2017, said on Monday that his country is ready to follow suit. Intra-African trade currently comprises less than 20 percent of the continent's total, with countries often focussed on exporting commodities to former colonial powers instead. It is hoped that the new free trade deal will shift emphasis away from this and towards manufacturing. The African Union posits the agreement as uniting a xafs of 1.2 billion people with a combined gross domestic product of $2.5 trillion. "We have to make sure that the rules of engagement when it comes to the free trade area are clearly defined," both in terms of protecting national economies and establishing their manufacturing capacities, Kie said. "It's not going to come overnight."


Corporate Analysis

Corporate analysis is the process of reviewing key aspects of a company to determine its strengths and weaknesses. Investors and industry analysts review corporations to determine if they provide solid growth opportunities to outside investors. Publicly held corporations are generally easier to analyze because they must regularly provide a variety of information to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) that is then available for review by investors.To get more corporate analysis news, you can visit shine news official website.
 The performance of executive management and the board of directors is a key component of corporate analysis. Because these individuals decide the direction of the company, it is important to assess their ability to guide the company. Companies must disclose each executive position and the specific experience directors bring to their position. Most directors must have relevant business or industry experience to be effective in advising a particular corporation.
 This information helps investors determine how well each manager or director can provide reliable advice and leadership relative to company operations. Corporate analysis begins with a review of the company’s operations and products. How a company operates its production facilities, develops the products or services it provides, and how it meets the needs of consumers is an important aspect of corporate analysis. Companies with strong business operations generally have a competitive edge over their competitors and the ability to produce more goods at a cheaper cost.
Corporations detail their current xafs share and the steps they are currently taking to improve that xafs share in documents filed with the SEC. Corporate analysis also reveals if they are expanding, improving existing product lines or buying competitors. This information is crucial for investors when determining the strength of company operations and its long-term xafs prospects. Growth opportunities are measured by the amount of potential product sales estimated by the company and the amount of risk involved with these growth strategies.
 The financial statements of a company are important indicators of a company’s xafs position. This information can be compared to major competitors and the overall industry to see how financially stable the company is. Cash flow, debt and capital expenditures are major portions of financial statements that should be analyzed. Financial statements can also be compared on a quarterly or yearly basis, helping to determine the performance trends of the company. Forward-Looking Statements Most companies will issue forward-looking statements regarding their business vis-a-vis their xafs and the broader economy. This helps investors understand how company leadership is evaluating company operations and where they expect the company to be going in the near future. While these statements usually carry disclaimers, they can be helpful in determining the level of insight executive management has put into understanding current business operations and xafs conditions.


Turkey's Erdogan plans to take greater control of economy: Bloomberg

Turkey’s Tayyip Erdogan said he plans to take greater control of the economy after presidential elections next month and the central bank will have to take note of what the president says and act accordingly. His comments helped pushed the ailing lira TRYTOM=D3 to a fresh record low of 4.3990 against the dollar, bringing its losses this year to more than 13 percent.To get more business news today, you can visit shine news official website.
In an interview with Bloomberg Television broadcast on Tuesday, Erdogan said the central bank was independent but it cannot ignore signals from the head of the executive once the switch to a presidential system is complete. “I will take the responsibility as the indisputable head of the executive in respect of the steps to be taken and decisions on these issues,” he said in the interview, made during a visit to Britain.
 Turkey has called snap presidential and parliamentary elections for June 24 and polls show Erdogan as the strongest candidate to win the presidential vote. Turks narrowly backed a switch to an executive presidency in a referendum last year. That change is due to go into effect after June polls. Erdogan said that citizens would ultimately hold the president responsible for any problems generated by monetary policy.
 “They will hold the president accountable. Since they will ask the president about it, we have to give off the image of a president who is effective in monetary policies,” he said. This may make some uncomfortable. But we have to do it. Because it’s those who rule the state who are accountable to the citizens,” he added. Erdogan is a fierce critic of high interest rates, seeking lower borrowing costs to boost the economy. On Friday called them the “mother and father of all evil”. In the interview, he reiterated his view that high interest rates cause inflation.
 “The interest rate is the cause and inflation is the result. The lower the interest rate is, the lower inflation will be,” he said. Erdogan also said that Halkbank (HALKB.IS) executive Mehmet Hakan Atilla, who was found guilty by a U.S. court of helping Iran evade U.S. sanctions, was innocent and Turkey wanted his acquittal. “If Hakan Atilla is going to be declared a criminal, that would be almost equivalent to declaring the Turkish Republic a criminal,” he said.


Daley driven by China rivalry

Winning the best diver award on the doorstep of his mighty Chinese opponents has motivated Tom Daley to work harder than ever for an Olympic breakthrough.To get more chinese sports news, you can visit shine news official website. Daley has led the rest of the world's charge against China's dominance for years, upsetting his rivals in a number of major events - and he did it again at the 2017 FINA World Aquatics Gala in Sanya on Saturday.
The Briton, who won the 10m platform at the Budapest world championships in July, was named the 2017 Best Male Diver at a ceremony attended by numerous Chinese diving greats, including the retired Guo Jingjing, five-time Olympic gold medalist Wu Minxia and last year's men's 10m Olympic champion Chen Aisen, who lost to Daley in Budapest. And Daley, 23, admitted collecting the award here was extra special.
 "It's a massive honor to be recognized by FINA and all the male divers in the world, especially here in China where diving is so beloved," said Daley, who also won a silver in the mixed 3m synchro with Grace Reid in Budapest. "It's so nice to be here in a country where diving is a big sport. China is a country so supportive of diving. It's so great to bring home a trophy from here." Born in the southern English coastal city of Plymouth, Daley began diving aged seven after his talent was spotted by a local club.As a 14-year-old, he emerged on the world stage as Britain's youngest competitor at the 2008 Beijing Olympics before shooting to superstardom in the UK by winning a bronze medal at London 2012.
 However, at the 2016 Rio Olympics, Daley suffered a major blow as he crashed out in the semifinals after placing first in the preliminary round. "I wanted vengeance because after the Olympics I was disappointed," Daley said of his motivation to come back strong this year. "So I worked really hard and I was really happy to come away with the gold medal (in Hungary)." Out of the pool, things are also going swimmingly for Daley. In May, he married Dustin Lance Black, an American screenwriter and film producer, having announced he was in a same-sex relationship in 2013. Black accompanied Daley in Sanya, with the happy couple receiving a warm welcome from fans. From now on, though, the focus for Daley is the Tokyo 2020 Games.


The application of Sextant upon Atlas of Gamer in Path of Exile

The shape of Atlas is counted in poe orbs. On the contrary, the most contradiction fact is that here is the application of Sextants. Sextants are wholly the optional segment of the game and each one that gamer applies is very precious. It is to be certain that gamer is applying them accurately. Based on the opinions of many individuals, Sextants are considered a noob catch. They are the core of making the most money and experience in the game. It is like surpassing anything else. Gamer would go out and place Sextants on the Atlas while running some maps. It is not actually a notice of demarcation.
It is like a waste of huge money in the method. Now, gamers can follow some basic rules, as they become known how to deal with that one. Visiting the nearest online gaming house helps gamer avail poe items affordably. Gamers can find the Sextants as the items on the maps. They are divided into three tiers while marking them with colors. The colors are white, yellow, and red and they match with the colors of maps. White belongs to apprentice indicating the lowest tier while yellow is belonging to Journeyman.
Then, red belongs to Master. When a gamer finds one, he can apply it by unlocking his Atlas. It is to open the inventory while taking right-click on the sextant. Therefore, it is to click upon the map as a gamer likes to use it. The Sextant is to append a modifier to be used to the applied map or any maps within the radius of the Sextant. It indicates that one can use it for one more times to the identical map through the using of the maps around it. Sextants become diminished after three applications and it is to require reusing afterwards for new modifiers. Map Two affects Map One and Map Two affects Map Three. However, Map One and Map Three both can have an effect on the Map Two.
Hence, One and Three cannot have the identical rotation. To mitigate the dire needs of currency in the gameplay of PoE, gamers can buy poe currency in the least cost online. Based on the hard part, it becomes contradictory since two is not the only map as three can affect it. It is fact that two maps do not possess the identical mod as there is no exclusive relationship between two and three. While appending a fourth map, running map number is one. Two comes out as the set of maps that gamer places Sextant onto to affect one. The Map three is placed on bad rolls. Hence, one and two cannot have those bad rolls. On Map four, one can place more bad rolls. In the league, the best map to carry Sextants upon is the Vault. Gamer can block off an important number of bad rolls while having six Sextants striking it from nearby maps and have a good revenue. Shaped Chanel Sextant blocking is another opportunity that has turned out to be well liked in this league. The best thing is to deal with research to get accustomed to Sextant properly.Read More


Emphasizing the Talent Competition of Path of Exile

The poe items Talent Competition is to conclude at 8PM (PST) on Monday, 05 February. However, gamer still has some time to place his work. Including written along with still-art submissions, development team has also gained huge video and music-typed submissions. Due to this eclectic blending of talent, development team has planned to bundle highlights into a video this week. To be rational in managing time and money, gamers can opt to have poe currency online. Last week, game development team maximized two sets of performances to the servers with the goal of minimizing server-side method spikes.
This could happen when bigger amounts of items start falling concurrently. Moreover, this weekend, game development team is conducting a Super Stash Sale in which most of the Stash tab assortments are to be available in discount. The instance servers of game presently carry hundreds of cases of Path of Exile upon each physical CPU core. These instances process the inward actions from players.
The monster AI is to be advanced whilst the items are to be produced. Each of these ticks normally completes almost instantaneously. It is probable for them to go over the fixed budget in severe circumstances. When this occurs, that case is stalled while moving slower upon the server in comparable to the clients that are predicting. In consideration of lockstep mode, this brings the outcome in a data-starvation stall. This appears the identical one when there is the real internet latency. In both instances, there is no data to the client of gamer. Buy poe items online. The fixes of last week hugely accelerated the slow cases that were happening in the most severe conditions.
This has a unique impact upon the performance of server. It is to noticeably develop the experience of gamer while playing in maps. Moreover, these have intensely running combat. Moreover, a Super Stash Sale weekend comes out. Apart from the new Fragment Stash Tab, there is to be the inclusion in the sale rotation at the conclusion of February. Every sort of stash tab is to be discounted. Everything has been reduced from the new Map Tab, Premium Stash Tab Bundles, Premium Upgrades, and Currency Tabs to the Premium Quad, divination, and essence stash tabs. Gamers require investigating the entire selection of specials this weekend. These sales keep going on all weekend and it is to conclude at 9AM on 06 February. If a gamer searches some points, it is advised to investigate the Abyss Supporter Packs. It is only two weeks more to leave the store. It is only for the users of PC. Click to Buy


BlizzCon 2018 Will Come on Nov. 2-3

Good news for World of Warcraft fans is not just the BFA's official release date, but also the BlizzCon 2018. According to latest announcement, BlizzCon will return to the Anaheim Convention Center on Nov. 2-3. And tickets for the event will cost $200 and will go on sale in May. Meanwhile, Blizzard allows fans to attend this great event to show thanks for their long-term support. Here's some important info has collected for you. And don't miss the big discounts for buy wow gold and other WoW items on our site.
BlizzCon ticket sales kick off Wednesday, May 9, at 7 p.m. PDT. Another batch of tickets will go on sale Saturday, May 12, at 10 a.m. PDT. Tickets for the two-day event will cost $199. Pricing and availability for BlizzCon 2018's Virtual Ticket were not announced. What to Expect from Esports-focused Opening Week? Possible Time: The convention will be preceded by BlizzCon Opening Week, which will take place at Blizzard Arena Los Angeles from Oct. 25-29. But no word is guaranteed when the Opening Week tickets will go on sale.
 Projects to Enjoy: - Heroes of the Storm Global Championship: October 25 – 28, November 2 – 3 - StarCraft II World Championship Series: October 26 – 28, November 2 – 3 - World of Warcraft Arena Global Championship: October 29, November 2 – 3 - Overwatch World Cup: November 2 – 3 - Hearthstone Global Games: November 2 – 3 So apart from the current content leaked out, what can we expect from BlizzCon 2018? Will other Blizzard games join this great event? For more info about the event or tickets for BlizzCon Opening Week, go to BlizzCon info site. Raiditem will continue to updating our news for World of Warcraft and anyting about BlizzCon 2018. Gamers, we also welcome you to buy WoW mounts or other discounted offers like Path of Exile Items at best WoW


Path of Exile: Bestiary 3.2.0 Update Brings Beasts Into The Gameplay

Path of Exile, the fantasy action role-playing game by independent developer Grinding Gear Games, has been causing quite a stir since 2013. On average, the Free2Play game gets ratings about 90%. buy poe items is easy to install and launch on Steam with new content supplied on a regular basis. Currently, 10 chapters can be played alone or in collaboration (PvP is also possible), and on March 2 it will continue with the Bestiary 3.2.0 update.In the Bestiary Challenge League, hunter and gatherer Einhar Frey teaches players how to capture beasts and trap them in the menagerie.
Those who are good at it can even capture the legendary beasts - but these are not only rare but unpredictable. The progress of chasing the beasts are recorded in the Bestiary, a comprehensive book that classifies and describes the existence of wildlife in Wraeclast. Captured beasts can be sacrificed on the Blood Altar to create and modify powerful items using special recipes.
The Bestiarium workbench also opens up a portal into the Spiritual World to kill one of four different ghosts beasts, rewarded with unique items and new customization options. In addition to the beasts, there is also an endgame fight against the Uber elders.In addition, each of the 19 ascendancy classes will be revised to ensure the equivalent level of performance.
Many Ascendent classes have been updated with the new mechanism that allow for new builds. In addition, Content Update 3.2.0 adds three new gems (the 'Spectral Shield' and 'Tectonic Strike' skill genres, as well as the new support 'Summon Phantasm on Killing'), 30 new unique fates by Navali, a new quest in Act 10, 29 new unique items, 10 new divination cards and many more changes. There are also two new backer packages, the Harpy and Manticore Backer Pack. Both packages also provide upgrade options and other benefits. The packages include exclusive armor sets, pets, weapon effects, portrait frames, forum titles, and more. The basic price of the packages is 25 euros, re-evaluation price is 50 euros. You can buy poe currency on our site with cheaper price!Click to Buy


Path of Exile: Bestiary Will Be Coming in March

Grinding Gears Games has revealed that they will soon bring new content to their online action RPG poe orbs in the form of the Bestiary update. The main highlight of this update is that it will include the new Bestiary Challenge League. Here, players will need to hunt and capture nearly 300 dangerous animals that can be found across Wraeclast. The benefit of capturing all of these animals is that they can be used to create new items to help you with your quests.
The Bestiary Challenge League: With a completely fresh economy and brand-new mechanism, the Bestiary Challenge League is perfect for existing, returning, and brand new players to experience the award-winning gameplay Path of Exile has to offer. Capture Dangerous Beasts: Tracing the Wraeclast's most dangerous animals, weakening them, and capturing them to make them be your own. There are about 250 regular beasts and 40 legendary beasts to capture. Complete your Bestiary: When you capture beasts from across Wraeclast, they are marked in your Bestiary, a permanent record of your progress through this league. Populate your Menagerie: Visit and observe the beasts you captured whenever you want, then use them to speed up your Beastcrafting.
Beastcrafting: Perform the ritual of Sacrifice by Combat at the Blood Altar to create and enhance potent items. There are dozens of mighty recipes that need to sacrifice the different combinations of beasts that you have collected. New End-Game Foes: Capturing and crafting with the right set of beasts may grant you entrance to difficult spirit boss encounters with powerful unique item rewards.Bestiary Sets: The Bestiary League contains four new sets of items based on the powerful spirit beasts.
Mix and match them with other items and find potent new builds. The Story Continues: High-level players will be able to challenge The Elder and The Shaper at the same time, deep in the Atlas of Worlds - the toughest boss encounter in Path of Exile yet! New Unique Items: Harness the power of 29 new Unique Items and complete new Prophecies to turn your item into one of 30 new Fated Unique Items. New Gems: Discover and build about three new gems, including the new skill Spectral Shield Throw and the new support gem Summon Phantasm on Kill. Ascendancy Class Revamp: Explore myriad new build options with each of our extensively re-balanced Ascendancy Classes. And much more: We have also added a new quest to Act Ten and have made many other minor changes, including ongoing performance improvements.see more


Exhibition to commemorate wartime patriot a Shanghai first

A collection of 14 artifacts and 12 oil paintings portraying life scenes of Du Zhongyuan, a famous journalist and entrepreneur during China’s War Against Japanese Aggression, was unveiled at 1065 Yuyuan Road in Changning District on Friday.To get more news shanghai, you can visit shine news official website. Du was born in Jilin Province in the north east of China.
After graduating from college in Japan, he came back home and established China’s first mechanized ceramic factory, Zhaoxin, in Shenyang of Liaoning Province. Du later dedicated himself to fighting Japanese Aggression and came to Shanghai to publish the weekly magazine Xinsheng (Reborn). He was murdered by warlord Sheng Shicai in Xinjiang around 1943. His body was never found. The venue at 1065 Yuyuan Road is just next door to Qishan Village where Du lived during his stay at Shanghai.
 The artifacts displayed were collected by Shao Zhigang, who holds a collection of over 100 ceramics from Zhaoxin, as well as original copies of Xinsheng. “I particularly picked 10 ceramic plates and bowls made by Du’s factory for the exhibition,” said Shao. “They were all made before the September 18 Incident in 1931 when Japanese intruders assaulted Shenyang.” In order to call on the public at the time to resist foreign aggression, Du’s factory manufactured a set of plates on which the slogan “supporting domestic products” was printed.
 The oil paintings reflect several important moments when Du met late Chinese Premier Zhou Enlai and patriotic general Zhang Xueliang to back up their revolutionary cause against Japanese Aggression. Being delicately replicated, the original versions of the paintings are now part of collections at China’s major museums, like the Palace Museum in Beijing. This is the first time these paintings are being showcased in Shanghai. Du Yi, daughter of Du Chongyuan, attended the opening ceremony of the exhibition. Du Yi and her little sister, Du Yin, were brought up on Yuyuan Road. Du Yi said she was glad her father’s story can be remembered, but she called on today's youth to carry on his spirit. “What my father did was something that everyone who truly loved the country would do,” Du said. “We should all do something for our motherland in whatever way we can.” This year marks the 120th anniversary of Du Zhongyuan’s birth. The exhibition will linger on until June 11, but the display of artifacts will end after this Sunday.


Shanghai Police Find Root of Rumors That Sparked Home-Buying Frenzy

Shanghai police say they have found the root of rumors that sparked a home-buying frenzy in late August and led to instability in the city’s real-estate xafs.To get more China news, you can visit shanghai newspaper official website. It began, police said, with a woman who said she had a tip that the city government was mulling changes to home-buying rules. According to a police statement, a 34-year-old Shanghai property-sales manager—identified only by her surname, Shen—said she had been notified in late August that city officials would meet the following week to possibly tighten bank-lending rules in September.
 Police say she spread the alleged tip to other employees at her company and clients through the WeChat messaging app, encouraging potential buyers to snap up property before the rules took effect. According to police, Ms. Shen said the coming credit restrictions would be “big.” Her messages were shared by other users, fueling social-media buzz. In a statement Friday on the official Weibo microblogging account for the Shanghai Public Security Bureau, police detailed how they traced the rumors from Ms. Shen and six other people.
Police detained all seven suspects, most of them real-estate agents, on Sept. 6, and said that the suspects later confessed in court to circulating the rumors. Shanghai officials also closed five WeChat accounts involved. The rumors had wide consequences, even sending couples dashing to get divorced out of fear a loophole was closing that had allowed lower down payments for divorced people buying a home. Amid the rush, at least one divorce-registration office in Shanghai said it couldn’t handle any more paperwork and shut for the afternoon.Shanghai has denied plans to tighten housing credit policies in September.
Chinese authorities have long sought ways to clamp down on rumors that ignite a rush to buy or sell homes. Swings in the housing xafs are an especially sensitive issue as the country’s largest cities–including Shanghai, Beijing and Shenzhen—try to curb frothy home prices without causing prices to crash. Shanghai home prices have soared 22.6% since last August, according to SouFun, China’s largest online real-estate portal. Last Saturday, the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, a central government agency, said in an online statement that it supported Shanghai’s crackdown on the rumors, and that any future cases of real-estate agencies disrupting “xafs order” would be put to a stop.


Meet the 97-year-old weightlifting grandmother

Lifting weights has become increasingly popular amongst millennial women, who share their #girlswholift pictures and videos on Instagram.Find the latest health news, photos, videos and featured stories on Shine News.
SHINE provides trusted national and world news as well as local and regional perspectives. But deadlifts, weighted squats and bench presses needn’t be the reserve of the young, as one powerlifting grandmother shows. Edith Traina is 97 years old and lifts weights in the gym three times a week.The granny, from Tampa, Florida, now has a competition named in her honour: the 2018 Edith Traina Inspirational Open took place on Saturday, where people from the ages of 13 up to Traina in her 90s competed.
 The nonagenarian hasn’t always been into weights though - it wasn’t until a friend dragged her “kicking and screaming” to the gym that she found her passion. “When I lift that bar up, as I’m lifting it up in here I hear words like ‘oh my God I’m doing it’,” Traina told Bay News.If I find I’m sitting in a chair for a whole day, and not doing anything constructive, the next day I light a fire under my tush and get out of the house.”
Traina is the only person in her age category so doesn’t actually have any competition, but that doesn’t stop her pushing herself. The former line dance instructor is aiming to complete a 200lb (90kg) deadlift by her 100th birthday. She takes part in six competitions a year and most recently won two gold medals at the Polk County Senior Games in the 95-99 division with a 60lb (27kg) bench press and a 130lb (59kg) deadlift. With no competition, Traina hopes to inspire more elderly people to pick up a dumbbell or barbell and get into weightlifting.I can’t find any other 90-year-olds to compete with so if you know anybody that has a grandmother or friend who would like to compete with me,” she said. There are many benefits to weight lifting, from increasing your metabolic rate to improving your mental health and feeling more empowered.


On Anniversary of House Obamacare Repeal, Democrats Look to Extract a Price

A year ago Friday, Representative Claudia Tenney of New York stood among dozens of enthusiastic colleagues in the Rose Garden to celebrate passage of a bill to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act. When President Trump made his way onstage, Ms. Tenney clapped and smiled.To get more health care news, you can visit shine news official website.
On this not-so-happy anniversary, a Democratic “super PAC” is on the air with a television commercial reminding her constituents of a repeal vote that Republicans were once convinced would be a political winner. Ms. Tenney’s Democratic challenger, Anthony Brindisi, a state assemblyman, said health care is consistently one of the top issues in a vast district that runs from Lake Ontario through Utica and Rome to the Pennsylvania border. “I think her vote is wildly unpopular among constituents in the district,” Mr. Brindisi said.
 “And what adds insult to injury is that she celebrated her vote by snapping selfies of herself at the White House, gleefully cheering a vote that would take health insurance away from thousands of her constituents.” House passage of the Obamacare repeal bill left that chamber’s Republicans in a no-win situation. They took the hard vote, but because the Senate failed to follow suit, no one can claim a victory. Now Democrats hope to extract a price. Far from the liability that the Affordable Care Act has been in past elections, Democrats believe health care will be a key advantage heading into this fall’s midterm elections.
Though President Barack Obama’s signature domestic achievement has endured, Democrats accuse the Trump administration and congressional Republicans of sabotaging the health law’s insurance xafsplaces through actions such as ending the requirement that most people have coverage or pay a penalty. And in the weeks before this fall’s elections, consumers are expected to learn of another wave of premium increases. Mr. Brindisi said the repeal bill, the American Health Care Act, would have had devastating effects on the district that Ms. Tenney represents in upstate New York, harming hospitals that are important to the local economy and diminishing access to opioid treatment. But in an interview last week, Ms. Tenney, a former state assemblywoman who is in her first term, showed no sign of regret.


Chinese smartphone sales suffer biggest decline ever

Smartphone shipments in China have suffered their biggest decline ever, plummeting more than 21% in the first quarter of 2018 compared with the same period last year, according to a new report from research firm Canalys.To get more events calendar, you can visit shine news official website.
Chinese consumers bought just 91 million phones in the first three months of this year. The last time the number was that low was in the fourth quarter of 2013. Canalys had forecast the decline but didn't "foresee the drop would be so huge," said Canalys analyst Mo Jia. The report comes as Samsung, the world's largest smartphone maker, boasted record quarterly earnings on Thursday, reporting an increase of 52% over the previous year. But the South Korean company also warned that overall "sluggish demand" for smartphones would drag down future earnings.
That slowdown has already hit Samsung (SSNLF) sales in China, the world's largest smartphone xafs. The company sold just 2 million devices in China in the first quarter of 2018, down more than 50% compared to the same period last year, according to Jia. Apple (AAPL) also lost ground in China, dropping two spots to sixth place in the xafs, Canalys said. The research firm declined to say how many devices Apple sold in China, but Jia said the company suffered a "significant decline" in shipments from the previous quarter.
 Apple usually has a drop between the fourth quarter of one year and the first quarter of the next, but this decline was bigger than expected, said Jia. "Apple has a strong image, but their product and innovation is restricted to the very high-priced iPhone X ... most Chinese cannot afford that price so they switch to Huawei or Oppo," said Jia. Huawei was one of only two companies to buck the declining trend. The Chinese smartphone maker saw sales climb 2%. It remains the top smartphone seller in China, followed by local rivals Oppo, Vivo and Xiaomi, according to Canalys. Xiaomi was the only company to post double digit growth, with sales up 37%, partly reflecting a lackluster performance in 2017, said Jia. Canalys predicts growth in the smartphone xafs will pick up again in the next three months, thanks to new flagship phones from Oppo and Vivo. But that will likely be the only bright spot for the year.


Shanghai Economy

Shanghai is the biggest port in China and it is a center of technique, trade, finance, information and culture. And also it is one of the biggest cities in the world and a famous international port. The Bund has evolved into a center for international finance and trade. China's major economic powerhouse Shanghai reported 540.876 billion yuan of gross domestic product (GDP) in year 2002.To get more shanghai economy, you can visit shine news official website.
Income tax increased by 41 percent to nearly 6.71 billion yuan in the local fiscal revenue. The city's annual local fiscal expenditure hit 87.78 billion yuan, up 20.9 percent year-on-year. Industry structure has been optimizing with the secondary and tertiary industries underpinning the economic development. Value-added of the primary industry was 8.82 billion yuan, up three percent year-on-year, value-added of the secondary industry hit nearly 256.47 billion yuan, up 12.1 percent year-on-year and value-added of the tertiary industry topped 275.58 billion yuan, up ten percent year-on-year. Shanghai is the largest industrial base in China.
 In China, there are 166 different kinds of industry of which 157 ones are in Shanghai. The output of steels is in the first place of the iron and steel industry in China. Oil and chemistry industries are developing in a high speed, and now it includes more than 20 special fields. Shanghai Oil and Chemistry Factory, which is in Hangzhou bay, can process 8 million tons' chemical raw materials each year and now it becomes the biggest polyester-producing base in China. The car industry are formed the producing system which can approach the international level. Dazhong Car Co Ltd. can produce 200 thousand Shnaghai--- Santana cars each year. About the family equipment, fridge, washing machine, air-conditioner and video are called the four major ones.
The communication equipment and electric station equipment are developing now. Shanghai created satellite communication, optical fibre communication, supercritical fire power generators and some other high technical products. Shipbuilding, machine, textile, instrument and some other traditional industries are developing in the adjustment. Computer, biomedicine project, micro-electron, laser skills and more high and new technical industries are risen abruptly under the wave of open and reform policy. Shanghai is the biggest commercial center in China; it emerges its enchanting bearing in the grand and smooth atmosphere. Pudong is a piece of hoping land. The developing goal is working hard for many years, build Pudong as an extroverted, multi-function and modern area which can possess the leading level of the world. Pudong will establish the base of changing Shanghai into one of the center of international economy, finance and trade and the socialist modern city. A new international airport opened in Pudong (East Shanghai) in 1999.

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